Pinger Launch VOIP App for iPod Touch

If you have heard of the company called Pinger, then you have probably installed their TextFree app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The app has had a lot of downloads since it was first released many months ago and it is an app that actually allows you to send free text messages on the iPhone and iPod Touch devices. This is especially great for iPod Touch users and the app works by using Wi-Fi or 3G in order to send the text messages. Now, Pinger have got something new up their sleeve as they aim to release an app that will allow you to make free calls on both the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Pinger is set to launch a SIP-based VOIP client that will work on both the iPhone and iPod Touch. The idea of the app is that it will actually allow you to call people, entirely free of charge. The app will work like similar services such as Skype and will make the call using the internet connection from the phone. The fantastic thing about this particular application is that it doesn’t only work over Wi-Fi, but it also works using 3G meaning you will be able to make a free call almost anywhere you are if you have an iPhone.

Pinger says that this will be a new era for mobile phones and they hope to expand this technology even further in the future.

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  1. The growing number of applications is amazing its no surprise that VoIP capabilities are being advertised for business home and cellular devices.

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