Google Places for the iPod Touch

Everything good comes from Google, right? Well, a lot of things anyway, and the Google Places app is definitely one of them. This app is yet another that will let you find virtually any business you near you, with familiar Google Map markers indicating where they are, just how far away they are, and it will even give you real user reviews on whether or not it’s worth the visit.

Open the app and type in the area that you want to search such as “London” or “New York.” Then choose from different categories such as restaurants, coffee shops, gas stations, ATMs, hotels, attractions and more. Once you’ve chosen both your location and what you’re looking for, the app will sync up the information and pinpoint your location to tell you just exactly what’s closest and will give you a full list of options. Along with that, you’ll be able to read reviews so you can find out things like if they have good prices, if their product or service was good, and other little tidbits that you can only get from having been there. User reviews are huge these days, and this app will give you tons of them.

All of this, plus you can invite your frieds so that you can all see each other’s profiles and know where everyone is going to be, and you can also leave your own rating and comment. So if you get bad service at a restaurant, you can let everyone know! But, there’s a lot of good waiters and waitresses out there too, so also be sure to leave a comment when the service is superb! Start doing all of it, and finding new places around town, by downloading this app, which is free, from iTunes here.

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