Top 10 iPod Touch Applications

The iPod touch is a gadget, which needs constant pampering, and the iTunes store is ready to offer that and those of you who don’t want to buy the applications, the iTunes store has free ipod touch applications and paid iPhone apps to offer.

These iPod Touch and iPhone applications not only make life for the iPod touch/iPhone user easier but also make the iPod touch gadget something one will crave to have.

The Top 10 free iPod Touch Applications and Paid iPhone apps available on the net are:

1.Tetris iPhone Game
Tetris iPhone
Tetris the old game, in which one has to complete lines, be it by filling gaps or making series of colors. A very light iPhone application on size and can be easily obtained from the iTunes store. You can also make high scores and submit it online to compete on a global level. Get this Great Tetris Game for your iPhone Here.

Shakespeare iphone app
This Shakespeare application for iPhone and iPod Touch is just amazing for all English lovers. As the name suggests this application is obviously related to Shakespeare. Anyone who has this free application installed, can easily view and read Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets wish the push of a button. So anyone who is a Shakespeare fan can surely download this application. Download it Here.

3.Restaurant Nutrition
Restaurant Nutrition app
Are you diet conscious about how many calories are you consuming? Are you sitting in one of the famous restaurants in North America? If you are then this application will surely help. This Restaurant Nutrition iPhone application will tell you exactly how many calories you are about to intake by ordering a specific dish at any restaurant in North America. The lists are being updated constantly, so by the time you do so you shall have more to check upon. Get it Here.

wordpress iphone app
Can’t stay without blogging when you are on the run. This wordpress iphone application lets you publish, edit and preview your posts in a very simple interface provided on the iPod platform, that too with the help of a finger. Grab this Blogging App here.

5.Book Search
book search iphone
Do you often shop books online? Well if you do and don’t want to go all the way google-ing it or even look in bookstores. This book search iphone application, which is free of cost, displays all books with the price and details etc. Download this free iPod Touch app here.

units converter app
This simple application, which helps you, converts units. So if you are bad with numbers and find it complicated to do calculations then this Units iPod Touch application is waiting for you ate the app. store and that too free of cost. Length, area, weight be it anything, this application makes it easy. Download this Free iPhone app here.

7.Now Playing
now playing iphone
This Now Playing application will not work everywhere but wherever it does, it is an amazing application. It tells you local show times, ticket prices and also the distance from where you live. Reviews are also available from top Internet review sites, which tell you whether you should be watching that movie or not. get this free App here.

Twitterrific for iphone
This Twitterrific iPhone application as the name suggests lets you tweet on the go and you can be in touch with your friends all the time and also see who is following you. Get It Here!

flashlight app
Sound like a very foolish application but this Flashlight app does wonders in case of emergencies, when you can turn your gadget into different colored torches. Download the App here.

10.Ebay Mobile
ebay iphone app
All ebay users will have a clue as to what I am talking about. Search, bid, buy and sell on the go. The interface in this eBay iPhone app doesn’t lack anything and will satisfy your needs. Grab this Great and Free iPod Touch Application here.

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