The Future Of The Apple Store

Whats in store for apples outlets.

Over the last 12 years the Apple Store has become an increasingly important landmark on the high street, firstly in America and now all around the world. These stores all boast incredible architecture and consumer-oriented features, such as the widely acclaimed customer support space known as the ‘Genius Bar’.

Apple Stores are now quite common in shopping centres and the company has flagship stores in such impressive locations as Regent Street, London; 5th Avenue, New York City and George Street, Sydney. Apple’s retail spaces have architectural features akin to the like of luxury hotels or large convention centres, yet with the increasing demand for their retail products, many have questioned how the company plans to expand in the future. What is in store for the design of Apple’s stores in the future?

Big-name architects

If all indications are correct, Apple stores will continue to be shaped by great design and attention to detail. According to a recent report the company is looking to recruit UK architects Foster + Partners to develop its future Apple Store designs. This was the same firm that was put in charge of designing Apple’s new Cupertino headquarters a few years ago. The new site, still in the planning stages, boasts futuristic details and is shaped like a spaceship, placing design efficiency at the top of its priority list.

Most of this firm’s existing structures closely match Apple’s traditional style; minimalistic and relying heavily on metal, glass and natural light. It’s almost certain that we will continue to see Apple’s buildings  share the same visual cues that they have used up until now. In addition, Foster + Partners specialise in sustainable development which, as with Apple’s new headquarters, will be a great priority for the company’s future stores.

As expected, Apple is exercising tight secrecy; with Foster + Partners are refusing to officially comment on the contract. However, their involvement in designing Apple’s new headquarters make them a likely contender to develop future retail spaces.

A great track record

As one of the most well-known brands in the world, Apple relies greatly on its retail spaces to raise awareness about its products, as well as to raise their revenue. Recent figures suggest that Apple earns as much as $6,050 per square foot, which is visibly higher than any other US retailer. The company has also accomplished great success in customer services with their Genius Bar, which is present at every store.

Exploding demand will certainly propel Apple to build more stores in the future – especially in Europe and Asia, where its current presence is still limited –  making sure that the architecture appeals to local tastes. As Apple’s former Retail Chief Ron Johnson has suggested, it is about striking a balance; “Feeling what the locals feel and trying to unlock what they miss.”

With a strong track record, the Cupertino company will certainly continue to innovate in shop design.

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  1. What the article tells me is that Jonathan Ives was lying when he stated Apple is not in it to make profits. It would make sense that Apple has sales associates and then technology experts. Since even the tech experts, the genius employees, are trained in sales it is Apple’s goal to maximize profits. In the retail stores I am sure the branch manager is evaluated on revenue per square foot of retail space or some quantifiable measure. There is nothing wrong with that, every business is out to make money. I have my own criticisms of certain business practices. For example, I have been pitched by network marketers, like Amway, before and they also create in-house business terms. It is usually to be deceptive. The normal standardized business term would sound negative so they create a new term that sounds optimistic.

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