Free iPod Touch Apps for Travel; Tripadvisor

One of the leading websites when looking for reviews of both hotels, restaurants and many other things is Tripadvisor. This website was set up many years ago and has now become a well known name in providing fantastic customer reviews of main hotels and restaurants. The great news is that there is now a Tripadvisor applcation for the iPod Touch and iPhone and it is available free of charge.

The Tripadvisor applcation will allow you to view the full range of reviews on your iPod Touch or iPhone device and it is designed extremely well. The app still has the same look and feel of the Tripadvisor website and it is extremely easy to navigate. When you first launch the app, you are given the option of finding what you are looking for. You can view a list of hotels, restaurants or even search if you know the name of the establishment you wish for information on.

As well as being able to access the extensive collection of trusted customer reviews that Tripadvisor offers, you are also able to login to your Tripadvisor account and add reviews if you feel the need to. As well as this, if you are using the iPhone instead of the iPod Touch, you can use the inbuilt location services to find reviews of nearby hotels, restaurants and other places easily. You are also able to easily add places to your saved places which will be added to your account if you are logged in.

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