Touchgrind BMX Review

Biking in the woods with my little old BMX has been one of my passions in my earlier years. As much as I want to do that now, I can’t because my BMX has become so small, or may be I grew so big for it. Of course, my passion is always there that’s why I look for alternatives and the best one I found was the Touchgrind BMX.

I bring my iPhone everywhere I go and I play with it all the time. So, there is a point why Touchgrind BMX iPhone app has become important for me.

Without further adieu, here is my review of Touchgrind BMX iPhone game;

1. Breathtaking Virtual Locations – if you are a BMX rider and wanted to try some exhibitions, this app can help you as it has many breathtaking locations you can surely enjoy. Your imagination and skill are the only limit. The more skillful you are and the deeper your imagination is, the more enjoyable this iPhone game becomes.

2. Sharing Options – you can impress your friends by sharing your stunts and jumps on Facebook and YouTube. With few taps you can surely do that.

3. True Physics – Illusion Labs, the developer of Touchgrind BMX, was so successful in putting on true physics. It means that it is as realistic as it can get; the jumping, the falling and all that.

4. Unlockable Bikes – well there are plenty of them that you can unlock depending on your performance as a BMX biker. Some of the bikes go with the unlockable locations. This feature actually gives variety to the game so that you won’t be bored with just one location and bike.

5. Record and Replay – all your stunts and jumps can be recorded and replayed. This is one thing I really do cherish when playing this iPhone game.

6.Earn Medals – it’s a virtual medal that you can get when you complete some challenges in any location. The more impressive your jumps are and the faster you get, medals are easier to get.

There are plenty of features Touchgrind BMX iPhone App can give you. Have you try it?

I guess if you love BMX bikes so much, this app is your best option when you got iPhone in hand.

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