Top 7 Best iPad Apps with Fun Activities for Toddlers

iPad Apps for Toddlers to Have Fun with & Learn from

A few years ago, you might think that parents would never let little fingers run through the screen of a high-tech gadget that’s worth a few hundred dollars. But when they discovered that a tablet computer like the iPad has become an effective learning tool for kids, it has been the go-to gadget where fun and useful applications are downloaded. Instead of them being just for fun, these best ipad apps for toddlers served as the ultimate learning tool for children of all ages.

iPad Apps for Toddlers to Have Fun with & Learn from

Let’s take toddlers as an example. Although there is absolutely no reason for you to ditch the traditional toys that they have in the form of stuffed animals, dolls, musical instruments, etc. – you can use the iPad as well for them to learn something. Toddlers are kids between the ages of one and three, and here are some of the iPad apps which you can download for them:

Curious George at the Zoo
By: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Little kids are naturally curious about animals and Curious George at the Zoo is the perfect app for them. Your little tyke’s attention will be grabbed by the colorful, interactive 3D pop-up menu along with the lively audio narration. The games help develop a child’s memory while also improving their sorting ability and reasoning skills.

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Drawing Pad
By: Darren Murtha Design
Bring out the little artist in your son or daughter with the help of the Drawing Pad app. It allows children to create artwork using photo-realistic crayons, paint brushes, markers, colored pens, roller pens and stickers. Artworks can be saved, deleted and imported.

Eric Carle’s My Very First App
Eric Carle also released “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” which became internationally known for the unique hand-painted tissue collage design. The same style of illustrations became the inspiration for “My Very First App” which offers games for toddlers. There are stages suitable for every age – for instance, kids from one to three can do the Easy round while ages two and up can take on the Medium stage challenge. |

Pat the Bunny
By: Random House Digital, Inc.
Kids will have a good laugh playing hide and seek with Bunny in this iPad app. Other activities to virtually do with Bunny include popping bubbles in the bathtub, catching butterflies and making music in the kitchen.

PianoBall – Fun with Learning
By: 4baam
To bring out the musical genius in your child, download the Piano Ball app. There are ten tunes included here where kids can listen to tunes and identify which instrument is playing them. The app also helps kids focus, it stimulates their curiosity and boosts their creativity.

Potty Time with Elmo
By: Sesame Street
What better way is there to potty train your kid than with the help of Elmo? This beloved Sesame Street character is someone who very young children can easily relate to. The app includes potty-themed puzzles, storybook narration, sticker rewards and songs which kids can sing during potty time.

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Toddler Puzzles Puzzingo – An Animated Kids Puzzle Game
By: 77Sparx Studio, LLC
Not all toddler-targeted apps are ones which kids actually like to play – but Toddler Puzzles Puzzingo is an exception. Both boys and girls will have a blast playing the game as it also helps build their vocabulary, memory and cognitive skills.

Download one or all of these apps and have a fun time getting your little tykes to learn about music, art, animals and stories!

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