Rock Show Concert Posters App is Improved and Free for iPhone and iPad

The Rock Show Concert Posters app for the iPhone saw huge success when it was released for old iPhone operating system 3.1. But users also saw some problems with it, especially when they upgraded their software or device and could no longer use the app that gave them such easy access to their favorite posters. Now though, the Rock Show Concert Posters app has been upgraded, improved, and compatible with all devices. Best of all, it’s still free and still gives you access to all of the best rock star artists

With this app, you can browse through a huge selection that contains over 200 different bands on posters. Save the poster as your iPhone’s wallpaper, or just look through and admire the posters of your favorite bands. The app will also browse through your iTunes library to find your favorite artists, and make sure that you know when there are new posters that contain those artists. If you find one that you really like, you can order it and purchase it right through the app and it will be delivered right to your door. Such a cool and easy app to use, and will let you live in true fandom whenever you use your iPhone, your iPod Touch, or your iPad.

The new version of the app has been improved to include all devices, so no matter what you’re using, you can still check out all the coolest posters. Upload times are faster, the controls are now much easier to use, and helpful icon displays to let you know the progress of your upload. To check out the rave reviews this improved app has received, and to download it down to your own device – no matter what iDevice you use – check it out here.

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