rRootage: Hardcore Shoot ‘Em Up For Your iPod Touch

If you love old-school shoot-em-up games, you won’t find anything better in delivering the genre’s essence to the iPod Touch than rRootage. Based on the classic Windows action games of developer Kenta Cho (which, in turn, takes inspiration from numerous arcade classics), rRootage is a standard top-down shooter, where you control a ship stationed at the bottom of the screen and wage battles against enemy units hovering above you.

The game is one serious visual feast, with waves of abstract and colorful geometric shapes flying across your screen from start to finish. In fact, playing the game for the first time will likely see you paying more attention to the game’s simple yet striking visuals.

Once you get past the initial wonder, though, you can control your ship by simply moving your finger from side to side. The ship shoots on its own so your only job is to move it sideways to both resist falling into an enemy’s line of fire and align your ship’s ammunition to strike right at your target. When you finish a level by killing the boss ship, it explodes into a huge display of color-infused fireworks.

rrootage1.gifThe game features four modes of play, with 40 stages per mode and 5 levels for every stage. Normal mode is the standard shoot-em-up, where your job is to avoid the barrage of strikes coming at you while peppering the enemy with your own.

Psy Mode is based on the Japanese arcade classic Psyvariar. In this mode, you can take advantage of a subtle technique that allows you to develop temporary invincibility – achieved by repeatedly having enemy bullets graze your ship without actually taking you out.

Ika Mode, based on the Sega Dreamcast title Ikaruga, gives you a shield which can absorb a specific type of bullet. Letting that type of bullet hit you brings no harm, while others should easily penetrate through your defenses. The last mode, GW, is based on Gigawing and requires you to use two fingers during play – one to move the ship and another to charge your shield continuously.

rRootage is a fast-paced, immensely entertaining game for all iPod Touch and iPhones running the 2.0 software. Even better, this clever and fun arcade shooter games for ipod touch can be downloaded free of charge via developers Lazrhog Games! And you could check next link to get: free games for ipod touch from itunes store.

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