Free DVD to iPod Touch Conversion

Everyone has a computer in their homes. It has also been a fashion for people who travel long distances, frequently to listen music stored in their iPods. With the introduction of the new IPOD TOUCH there is lot of scope of storing even movies in your IPOD. How is this possible?? By the free DVD to ipod touch conversion software.

There are many free DVD to ipod touch conversion software available over the internet. Choosing the correct free DVD to ipod touch conversion software is the customer’s intelligence. Let us now see the software that is available to the users.

Videora IPOD TOUCH Converter is a free DVD to ipod touch conversion suite which takes care of converting video files, movies, You Tube Videos in such a way that it could be played over your IPOD TOUCH. All video files can be converted to proper formats such as H.264 and MPEG-4 so that it can be listened from your IPOD TOUCH.

CUCUSOFT free DVD to ipod touch conversion is software that is used for the above purpose. Ripping DVDs is also possible with this suite. The quality is fine and is said to be the fastest suite available. This free dvd to ipod touch conversion software is supported by Windows Vista, XP,NT, 2000.Subtitle selection, Audio Track Selection, easy customization by users are some of the features available in these FREE DVD to IPOD TOUCH Converter. One important feature of this free DVD video to ipod touch conversion suite is that it facilitates Dolby, DTS Surround audio Track. The downloadable software file size is approximately 8.06MB.

IMTOO is a free DVD to ipod touch conversion software which helps you to convert DVD to MP4.This is very fast and easy to handle. It also supports DVD to MP3, AAC, and M4A Conversion. It is easier to customize with excellent image and sound quality. It too has the facility of audio track selection and subtitle selection.

The next free DVD to ipod touch conversion software available over the internet is E-Zsoft. It promises users with superior conversion rate and the best ever image and audio quality. It makes the IPOD TOUCH Device to operate just like a DVD Player. Its unique feature is its user friendly interface. Besides all these features you can also customize your conversion choice according to your will. Parameters relating to the rapidity of your conversion that is required by you can also be selected from excellent to least. These parameters govern the size and the quality of the file to be converted. Automatic conversion versions such as the PRO Version could also be used to reduce the manpower involved. Ripping of the video tracks that proves to be your favorite can be precisely done using this free DVD to ipod touch conversion software. As usual subtitle selection and audio track selection is also possible with this suite. This suite completely supports Intel Pentium D Dual Core Processor. One important feature that makes the product stand ahead of all other suites is the automatic and free life time update option.

Thus you could choose anyone of the above free DVD to ipod touch conversion and get the best result.

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  1. Aimersoft Total Media Converter is awesome definitely.
    But if you didn’t have demands on conversion quality, you needn’t pay for anything. Handbrake is an totally free DVD ripper.

  2. I own the Aimersoft iPod converter suite which can convert both DVD and video to iPod. and the price is only half of others.

    Thanks anyway.

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