Now You Can Enjoy Matches and Live Games on iPod or iPhone

Do you always miss on your favorite basketball league or other live matches while you are traveling or not at home? If your answer is yes and you are quite upset about it, then do not worry because the latest technology in iPod and iPhone offers you with various unique features. One of the most important features includes live matches or games that you can see in form of short videos say 10 minutes. Going with the latest market buzz, regarding these smart phones, now you will be able to witness all those important matches or games that you never wanted to miss. Although every technology has its own limitations, and even the latest version of smart phones is no exception to it, yet it is better to have something rather than nothing.

Therefore it may be long before you are actually able to enjoy entire match, still with the advanced technology, you will never miss out any important moment of the match. The latest technology in smart phones offers a unique feature, which allows telecast of many small critical moments of any match series in small video formats. You can either see these moments live or store it to see whenever you are free. For example as per a recent announcement by the Major League Baseball will telecast such short videos on iPhone and iPods. Looking at the offers by, you can view the scoreboard, match highlights, and listen to the audio commentaries. In fact you can view the post session matches too, and all that at just $ 9.99, which you have to pay once.

If you are thinking that it is any kind of new invention then wait a minute, you can access all these features via Apple app store.

How you can get all these Live Games features on your iPod or iPhone

The latest Tapstick iPod shuffle case that Scosche will market within next few months, will easily facilitate all these features on your iPod. Whenever the company actually brings the Tapstick iPod Shuffle case, you will get it in black and white color. The case made of polycarbonate will certainly fit the shuffle, especially its corners and front. This will offer same audio and playback control as you have seen in to the inbuilt headphones of Apple.

Now after you fit the case in the Tapstick shuffle, all you have to do is to plug in the iPod shuffle in the headphones and there will be a Tapstick jack with you in order to provide connectivity to your headphones. In fact, you can also search the Apple store for audio, which you can easily fit in to your car’s audio system and enjoy the matches while you are driving.

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