Google Goggles Come to iPhone and iPod Touch

As you will already know, the iPhone has a number of applications available and Google has released quite a few apps for the device. Now, Google has got a new trick up their sleeve and they have now launched a service called Google Goggles. The ideas of this service is that it will allow you to find almost anything out about anywhere and anything, simply by taking a photo using the camera on your iPhone. Of course, it has many other features as well.]

Of course, the main feature of the Google Goggles app is that you can actually take a photo with your device and then find information about what you have taken the photo of. For example, if you were to take a photo of a building. You would be able to find out the name and many details of the building using the photo in Google Goggles. You could also take a photo of a book and find information out about the book, just from the photo of the cover. As well as this, you can search on your iPhone using your voice as well as many other things including being able to search through your history, your contacts and more.

Google Goggles really is a fantastic app for the iPhone and iPod Touch devices and it will really revolutionise the way we use our iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

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