Pac-Man Battle Royale for the iPad

Who doesn’t love Pac Man? We’ve all, at one time or another, stood at those arcade games (or at least stared at our computer screens) trying to gobble up all those little pellets while avoiding all those ghosts! But now, iPad owners can play Pac Man in a way they never have before with the Pac-Man Battle Royale app for the iPad!

In the Battle Royale version of this classic arcade game, you won’t just be battling those nasty ghosts, but three other players too as four of you will be zooming around the board. And those pellets you’ll be eating? Well not only will they send those ghosts scurrying away, but you can gobble those ghosts up and even eat the other players too, taking them out of the game and giving you a better chance of winning the Battle Royale!

Everyone is raving about every aspect of this game, including the easy-to-use controls and the great graphics. What people seem to dislike most about it is the fact that you do need four real people playing the game, and you do need to know those four people. So there’s no jumping into an online game, or playing against bot players. Either you have three other people who want to play, or you don’t play at all. And we have to admit, that is kind of a drag.

But, it is the classic game of Pac-Man like you’ve never played it before, and it is offered completely free! You can download it for your iPad from iTunes here.

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