IPhone Error 5002 – What Is It and How to Solve It?

When does iPhone Error 5002 occur?

iPhone 5002 error is an error that you must have encountered in viewing shopping carts after upgrading iTunes. This common is relatively common for people who use their iPhone for a lot of online shopping. The message that is displayed on the screen reads “We could not complete your iTunes Store Request. An unknown error occurred (5002)”. The specific reason is not known and the iphone error 5002 message itself is not very helpful. However, if you do get the error 5002 message, there are certain things you can do to get rid of it. Read on below to find out how to fix iphone error 5002.

iphone error 5002

Solution I to Fix iPhone Error 5002

One of the easiest solutions that you can adopt for this iphone error 5002 is to stop using a shopping cart and begin to use 1-Click. If there are a lot of things in your cart, either note them down or remember them because you are going to have to delete the list. You can change your shopping style from shopping cart to 1-click by navigating to iTunes Preferences and selecting 1-Click option from the Store function.If this tips number one to fix your iPhone error 5002 problem doesn’t work, then continue to read the other solutions below.

Solution II to Fix iphone error 5002

If the above mentioned solution does not work to remove iphone error 5002, then the next option to choose will be a longer process but effective nevertheless. This iphone error 5002 solution has been found very useful by a majority of people who faced the 5002 error problem. You first need to log in as an administrator and place the iTunes folder for music. After locating the file, go to File menu and select Get Info option. Your requirement in the list is the Ownership and Permissions part, which is present in the Info field. You will have to make a lot of variations in the feature. The owners settings have to be changed to “access Read and Write”, the group folder and usage by others are set as “Access Read Only”. Then apply the reset setting and close the Get Info window.  You may have to restart the phone after changing the settings. When you switch on the phone again, your iphone error 5002 problem will be resolved.

Solution III to fix iphone error 5002

The other solution to fix iphone error 5002 is lengthier but proves more foolproof. It is also a solution recommended by experts to resolve error 5002 on iphone. First, copy all the mobile applications from the hard disk to another disk. You can do this by dragging the applications and dropping them in another disk. Check whether the saved items are accessible thoroughly because you will lose information stored in it by following the process further. Then, do not connect your phone to the computer and open iTunes. Ensure that all the information present in it is transported to another location. Navigate out of iTunes and ensure that the list does not contain leftover apps. Bring up the folder that you have created as a backup and place it in the iTunes page. Several times, when you update your phone, the older versions remain behind and cause problems. This method ensures that all unnecessary files are cleared. You might get pops saying that the phone already contains the thing that you are trying to download. You can choose between saving it under a different name and replacing it. Lastly, restarting the system will settle the new settings and your iphone error 5002 will no longer exist.

Read the iTunes notices carefully — you will likely get something like “an OLDER version of this app already exists, do you want to replace it” (you DO), or “a NEWER version of this app already exists, do you want to replace it” (you DON’T), or sometimes a mention that this ipod touch app already exists as the same version (replace it). Quit iTunes, and then restart it to “set” the changes.

Please share your tips here if you have other foolproof method to fix iPhone error 5002. And you could check another common iphone error called iphone error 1015.

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