7 android guide for new users

7 android guide for new users – For Android users , will definitely feel the confusion in operating as well as how to use the applications installed therein . Due android smartphone that carries an OS or Operation System is very complex and somewhat cumbersome . But behind it all also created widgets , shortcuts and tricks and ways to facilitate or make things simple .
7 android guide for new users

As for how that will be shared here are :Put contact shortcuts on the Home screenTo facilitate the process of calling , you can also put a contact icon or shortcut on the home screen , choose the way the contacts widget on your android page . Press and hold the home screen and select widgets according to your own preference . I suggest , add the frequently dialed contacts only, so as not to make heavy work on your android .
Taking Pictures And Videos concurrent or simultaneouslyThis method is highly efficient in maximizing work android , If you ‘re doing video recording and it turns out there is the right moment to be immortalized as an image , you only need to press your android phone screen and android will automatically save files in the form of video and photographs that have been suppressed by your the .
Using Android as storage or a USB DriveHad never thought of before , but efficient enough to save your financial outlay or without having to buy a flash or other storage devices . Android it can be used as a portable data storage , which is in use is quite connect with the computer using a USB cable . Usually in this process the computer will ask you to allow data access permissions . So that it can facilitate the process to remove, add , or replace existing files on your device .
Seeing notification or notification without having to press a buttonAndroid is beautiful and all easy , you do not see any notices required to press a button , such as viewing messages , view missed calls and other notifications . Way too easy and simple , just swap or pull the top of the screen , then the details will show what android notifications waiting . To use this way condition the phone is not locked .
Using Android as a modemAndroid has many advantages , one of which is also can be used as a modem , how to connect android to computer and into regulatory > Wireless and Networks > Tethering and Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot > Check USB tethering . For further adjustment you try to live alone .
Monitor the use of the data packageAll applications that are embedded on most android phones are connected to the internet , so to maximize the all-powerful android and save the use of a pulse , you have to buy a package that suits your needs . In the process of managing the data you must often control or monitor your data usage by going to the settings menu and choose Data Usage , there you can find out the use of your data so that you can use the data that is left on the schedule that you want.
Taking ScreenshotThere are times when this method is needed , such as when you are playing games or doing other activities using your android . And you really want to capture
occur on the games you are playing. So Take Screen shoot at other alternatives to immortalize , how simply press the Power button + Volume Down ( – ) simultaneously . This method is applicable to android version 3.1 and above . For down version still I try .
I think the above methods is enough to help you as a new android user . For other ways and tricks , maybe I’ll share at a later time . Good luck and good luck .
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