Using Manual Mode for your iPod Touch

One of the greatest things Apple did when they created the iPod Touch was give it the ability to sync with your iTunes every time you connect it to your computer. But what if you don’t always want it to sync? What if you just want to occasionally use your computer to charge your iPod Touch? Or what if you only want to sync some of your songs and not all of them? Then you’ll need to use the manual mode on your iPod. But what is that? And how do you set it up?

Firstly, you will need to connect your iPod Touch to your computer. This will start an automatic sync, but you can change whatever you want after you’ve set it to manual mode. Once it’s synced, click on the iPod icon on the left-hand side. This will prompt a “Preferences” box to pop up in the right-hand corner. This preferences box will have an option that will allow you to select to have your songs and other data uploaded to your iPod manually.

Once you’ve selected this option, your iPod Touch will no longer update automatically when you plug it into your computer. If you want to add songs from your computer onto your Touch, you’ll need to drag and drop them from the location on your computer over to the icon for your iPod. But, switching to manual doesn’t mean that you can’t download lots of songs from a particular genre or artist. To do this, all you have to do is hop onto the iTunes browser by pressing Ctrl+B, and search for it.

Using manual mode on your iPod Touch can be a real lifesaver, and can make sure that you only get the things you want on your iPod. But, it can also sometimes be a hassle in case you just want to add everything back onto your iPod Touch. Luckily, you can just reset it back to automatic mode when you’re done with manual mode!

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