Need to Fix Your Cracked iPod Screen?

One of the worst things that could happen to your iPod Touch is damage of any kind to the screen. While Apple’s warranty may cover some damage, maybe your warranty has run out, or the good people at Apple aren’t willing to cover for the particular type of damage done to your iPod, such as negligence on your part, which they sometimes quote. Either way, you have a few choices. The first is that you can still send your iPod Touch to Apple, have them fix it for a fee, and they’ll return it back to you, good as new. The problem with this is that after paying for repairs and shipping and handling, you may as well have bought a new iPod Touch. Which of course, is your second option. Or, you could decide to repair that broken ipod touch yourself.

Be warned. Taking on the immense yet extremely delicate task of deconstructing and reconstructing your iPod Touch is not something to be taken lightly. There are many cables, wires, and electronic parts to contend with and while it can be done, it does require focus and a certain know-how. However, if your iPod is totally unusable anyway because the Glass screen damage is so severe and you refuse to pay to get it fixed, it couldn’t hurt to take on this little DIY repair.

The complete step-by-step instructional iPod Touch Glass Screen Replacement video can be found on YouTube here. It’s important to note that before sitting down and ripping your iPod Touch open before watching the video isn’t wise. The video goes into great detail, and requires certain things like opening and positioning tools. So, you’ll want to know what you’ll need beforehand so you’re prepared. That being said, many people have tried this method with great success, although some say their iPod Touch will never be quite as thin ever again. Good luck, and we hope this helps!

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