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How to Fix Network Connection Problems on iPad?

How to Fix Network Connection Problems on iPad?. Some of the most common problems of iOS devices are the problems connected to network connection. No matter what the cause is, here are some steps that you could perform whenever this happens.

How to Work Out Network Connection Problems

The first thing you can do, is to of course, reset the network settings. Resetting the network settings. Sometimes, while fixing up settings we accidentally set settings that are not compatible with our network causing a lot of problems. a word of caution before you do this though. Check the details of your network connection first as you might have to re-enter them after the reset, to avoid causing further problems.

If for instance this does happen, then do not fret just yet. You can try resetting the router. The router sometimes have the capability of remembering network settings, and this could help with your network problems. After resetting the router, your network connection should be okay by now, but if it’s still not, then you might want to reset your iDevice.


There are two ways to reset your ipad device. The first one is the soft reset. This could be done by holding down the Sleep/Wake button until a red slider appears. Once it does, slide it to power off your device. Turn on your device again. After the reset, see if your network connection is okay already. If it’s still not okay, then maybe a hard reset is going to do the trick?  This could be done by holding down the Sleep/Wake button together with the Home button for a longer time than the soft reset. The red slider would still appear but just ignore it. The device would turn off and turn on by itself as long as you keep holding down the two buttons. Once the device powers on, check out the network connection. Again, it should be okay by now, but if it’s not, then this is the time to call your network company and let them figure out your problem.

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