How to Fix iPhone Reception Problem

There is no such thing as a perfect device, therefore iPhone is not perfect at all. Although iPhone seems to surprise us with all the features programmed by Apple Inc. into it, there are still few glitches, which some are too obvious. One of those glitches might have been the placement of the device’s network antennas.

In this post, let us talk about strategies on how to fix iPhone reception problem. Apple Inc. has already been flooded with lots of complaints from iPhone 4 users on low reception issues especially if the users grip it with their left hand. The antenna is placed on the top left side of your iPhone so if you are left-handed, you are most likely to bar the signal of your network.

What on Earth has happened to iPhone? I thought they are going to be user-friendly? How about those who are left-handed and those who are not used in using their right hand in maneuvering their iPhones? Well, I guess that will add up to the new lessons learned that must be addressed by iPhone developers in their next batches of devices. They should also take into consideration that low reception problems can be traced back to previous iPhone versions such 3G and 3Gs. Common Apple Inc. designers do your job well.

Worry not much because there are still a couple of ways on how you can overcome such trouble. Never mind reaching Apple Inc., just read this article.  I don’t think Apple Inc. will retrieve your iPhone and reconstruct it for you.

Charging Case/Bumper

You may use an external case for you iPhone to address reception problem. Having an external case will not only give you proper reception signal but it will protect your iPhone as well. Purchase original iPhone bumper for better protection and results.

Right Hand Use

Using your right hand when using your iPhone can be quite difficult to people who are not getting used to it. If you are left-handed, practice using your right hand in using the iPhone to avoid the blockage of the antenna. Apple Inc. has stated that human hands can create obstruction to signal bars and I don’t know the reason why. Of course, practice using your right hand only if you are sending messages, calling, or any other applications that will require network connectivity. If you are just playing offline games, you can use your left hand whenever you want to. I know it sounds like a punishment but you have do it because it is for your own sake. You may also tie your left hand so that you will not be tempted in using your iPhone especially if you are sending text messages or making calls.


If still you are not comfortable in using your right hand in texting or making calls, you can use gloves. I think it sounds ridiculous but it can be a good way to promote better signal. I guess it will advantageous enough for doctors or those people who are in the medical field because they are using gloves mostly.

Network Coverage

Obviously, if your area is not covered by the selected carrier, you will never really have a good signal even if you try the above options. Be sure that you are in an area with full signal bars to assure a good signal.

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