How To Fix iPod Touch Screen Problem?

iPod Touch Screen Problem

Nothing is worse than coming home with your brand new gadget and find a major problem with it. In the case with iPod touch this can be a defective screen with the so called negative black effect. Such screens have problems displaying dark colors. Often the screen is quirky or flickering while playing videos on iPod. When we have that kind of an iPod touch Screen, how can we possibly fix that iPod touch screen problem? please read the tips from blog below:

Steps to Fix Broken iPod Touch Screen

broken cracked ipod touch screen

Steps to Fix Broken iPod Screen

Here are several suggestions on how to improve our iPod screen functioning:

+ First, turn the auto brightness off. This will reduce screen flickering and sometimes may fix your iPod’s touch screen problem for a longer period of time.

+ Check if the battery is low. However, this kind of problems seems to appear even if battery is fully charged and iPod is running off the USB power.

+ Put a little pressure on the back and bottom right corner and the iPod device would usually correct itself for a while. This method is not a permanent solution to fix your iPod touch screen problems but anyway, you can use it as a temporary measure until your device is replaced by the manufacturer.

Video Tutorial about iPod Touch Screen Broken Repair and Replacement

Manufacturers of iPods have finally officially acknowledged that the problem is a really existing one and that a corporate policy on fixing iPod touch screen problems is a necessity. The problem has been ascribed to bad quality control and misapplication of the reflective coating of the LCD display. Companies like Apple have launched replacement policies for the defective touch devices until upgraded outputs have been released to meet the expectations of the clients. Software updates have not proved effective so far. In fact, they have just alleviated the screen problems and have proved no final solution to fix iPod touch screen problem.

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  1. Jenn have you ever tried taking a q-tip with nail polish remover and put it in the headphone jack, and wait about 10 minutes and you can unlock your ipod. p.s. i can use my ipod and stuff but the screen stays black and i cant control my volume or use the sleep button

  2. How do you fix a ipod with lines through the screen where you cant even see the screen? There is colored lines and black and white lines so i dont know how to find a solution to this problem.

  3. uhmm i am on band and i didnt have pockets so i put my ipod in my boobs and we was
    working on a show for a competition and i was sweating now it have like water spots inside of my screen what can i do to get it out ?????????

  4. I have about 60 apps but it only shows about half even youtube and other apps that come with my ipod touch 4G wont work wy? Please help me

  5. My iPod’s screen broke and got it fixed. When i got it back i tried using it but as well as responding to my commands it responds to random ones of it’s own. Say i am trying to find a song it would take over and find its own. My iPod is now unusable, can someone please help!

  6. I have a 3rd. gen,32 gig,ipod touch, stopped working week ago, no water damage just stopped working, plugged up to itunes wouldn’t recognize it so I restored it twice. Screen comes on but wont slide on or off, drains battery without using it. Can sync music and apps, or at least it shows it is.Screen is very bright and no red where it would be if I had water damage. It is 3 yrs old

  7. it was put under my pillow not the screen is so dull that the brightness doesnt work, plz help

  8. MY back light is broken how do i fix it? It wont turn on and ive messed with the settings and such but it still wont work and took off the auto brightness its like someone put shades on it.

  9. i have problem with the screen color the color of my apple i touch 4 changes itself it becomes grey and plz help

  10. hey, i have had my ipod touch gen 4, for like two and a bit months and like five weeks ago it got a crack in the top corner. it’s not massive and it hasn’t appeared to have affected how the ipod was working. i drop my ipod occasionally but it has not seemed to have ever made a difference. today when i went to use my ipod the touch screen wassn’t responding well, it lets me get up to the passcode enterer and then when you type in the passcode it goes really slow and like, put’s white boxes arround the number you press. you have to click all the numbers like four times and it’s really slow, i turned the ipod of and left it for a minute, then came back and it was fine.. but like two hours later (like now?) when i tried it it did it again. i turned it on and off and that but it still isn’t responding well, when i manage to type my passscode in which i am certain is correct… it says wrong passcode, i can’t be sure if it is the messed up screen putting in the wrong lnumbers or something else, so i was also wondering if you could reset the password without knowing it, thanks jaymee 🙂

  11. I was on my one app and my whole ipod touch turned off, and wont turn back on, i’ve try charging it and everything. please help i need my ipod.

  12. i have tha same problem except i fell asleep on top of it and i cant unlock itor play music its like it doesnt regonnize my finger

  13. my ipod touch fell in the toilet –(second time) By an accident and now iT wont let me slide and unlock but i cant press no button on the screen i cant even press play for music .
    my ipod is evrything plzzz help me thnk u!.

    1. Did you try drying it out with a dryer or sticking it in the freezer. That worked for my cell. You may have to send it to someone or if you are the savvy type ; you can always fix it yourself. That’s what I have done. Got used one off ebay it had issues and I’ve fixed one thing at a time; I find that alot cheaper than sending to be serviced. You could have damaged the board also. It would be hard to tell. I would try with the freezer first then go through a list. I hope that helps.

  14. my ipod touch fell in the toilet –(second time) ny an accident and now i will tey to slide and unlock but i cant press no button on the screen i cant even press play for music .
    my ipod is evrything plzzz help me thnk u!. 🙂

  15. Please help me with my ipod touch the screen wont let me unlock it my husband put the wrong code in to times
    And I cant get it 2 do anything I did a hard reset and it still wont work
    Please help

  16. I bought an ipod touch from someone im able 2 put music on it but the slide 2 unlock it wont slide

  17. i have an iphone and just the upper part of the screen is working the lower is not responding please help me if u can it makes it hard to call and receive things on it p.ease help i am desperate

  18. i have an ipod touch that has a dark color under the screen and wont respond to any of my touches and also does not charge i am willing to pay but i want to see first if there is anything i can do to fix it myself

  19. i cant see anything on ipod but can hear my self pressing buttons and my alrmas going on i tryed olding the buttons shet!!i cant even connect to itunes

  20. my itouch screen wont work…i tried unlock it but i can’t do it…will somebody assist me on this matter…

    thanks in advance.

  21. My ipod touch has a whole bunch of cracks in, it was working fine til i came back from a football game at my school. I didnt dropp it or spill anything on it, it was in my pocket the whole time. So i went to play with it and the touch screen didnt responed to my touch.
    I don;t know what to do
    can anyone help? im beggin u

  22. My ipods screen wont work when i try 2 slide2 unlock it the darn thing just wont work. restoring wont work. someone pls help me!!!

  23. ipod touch 32g 3rd gen, screen froze on ome screen and cant slide to unlock, already reset it but still not working just turned it off and now its stuck on the black screen with the white apple, can anyone help?? xx

  24. ummmmm….. like wat if that doesn’t work? okay so like my ipod will turn on and stuff but i try to slide the little like scroll thingand it wont slide all the buttons work and stuff just not the screen so.. i tried the thing that william sai but it didn’t work so…. um now wat do i do?

  25. Hey Guys, I Have a Trick To Fix That Screen Problem, Just Press All The buttons In Your Ipod Or Iphone (Including The Volume Buttons) And Hold It Till The Ipod Restart.
    When This Is Done It Should Be Okay

  26. Hey guys so ive had the first generation iphone for 5 years now and my problem is that i dropped it on a hard tiled floor and now the lower half of the screen isnt responding to touch. So basically it still works like i can still receive calls but i cant “slide to answer” anymore or even “slide to unlock”. ive tried holding down both buttons at the same time and it doesnt work and i have no other idea on what to do 🙁 Does anyone know how to fix this problem without having to actually open it up or calling apple?

  27. Hi there
    My ipod touch, may have a bit of water in it from what i can see from the screen…don’t really know how??? but it is locked and the screeen says slide to unlock or cancel, and it’s not letting me. Can anyone help me please. i am a dance teacher and it has all my songs on and i sooooo can’t do without it….guess i’ll have to use a CD player until I can figure out the proble 🙁

  28. my acessibility options are frozen on the screen everything else looks like it would work if that wasnt stopping me from doing anything with my ipod and no reset or restarting works for it

  29. its about an ipod touch 2nd gen, it was recently repaired from water damage and now the screen wont work i can see whats supposed to be there but if i run my finger along it to unlock it stays there

  30. When I turned it on the screen showed the wrong colors like black is white and other colors is neon colors plz help me

  31. hiyyah guys i changed my screen because it smashed but now i touch the screen and it goes black and gets random red yellow and blue lines down the screen please help me !!!!! :'(

  32. Hi guys, I have 2nd gen Iphone and got problem with its screen. Screen turns on ok, but it doesnt sensing my touch and couldn’t access to my iphone at all even tough its receiving calls and message. Please let me know what can i do on my mail [email protected] . 10x!

  33. hey guys,
    i really need help. my ipod touch has half frozen. i went to turn it off and then it froze and it wouldn’t respond to touching. when i looked at it real close you could see the main page behind it working fine. like double cliking the menu button and you could see the music thing come up. but i can’t do anything with it now and i really don’t want to get in trouble with my parents. i’ve already tried to restore it on itunes but i had no luck
    can anyone help?

  34. hey guys my ipod touch screen is black and i can still touch the screen and hear the buttons being pressed but i can’t see anything, what should i do.

    i’ve already tried to hold the power button and home button,already restored it i need serious help

  35. omfg thank u so much it acually fixed my ipod this acually helped so much it still doesnt look good but its fixed so thank u

  36. i have an ipod touch and the screen will show up but when i go to slide on unlock or to poweroff or to touch anything the buttons dont move. im thinking its the sensor ?

  37. If i plug my ipod upto anything it begans to go stupid, it either blanks a few times and goes back to normal, crashes and reboots or the light goes dim, the first ipod i had did the same and i took it back and got a new one now its happening again and idk what to do, plz reply
    usually it works after a hard reboot but its been like this for 2 days its drivin me stupid. :{

  38. my second gen. is messed up and my backlight isnt getting bright and it is on the highest and you have to tip it to the side to see what i am doing…… what to do my warranty is up and im not going to pay 145 for a fix from the ipod store…and the dont even sell the 16gig any more…

  39. i turn my ipod on and it was very dull i can bearly see it and the brightness ajustment is not working and the highness and lowness is the same dullness

    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me my parents are mod and i need it for when i go to florida on Thursday

  40. pls if u can make me understand better b’coz anytime when i put my ipod on the screen can go just white & after that it will be freezed until the battery goes down by all pls help me !
    pls help me with the solution

  41. pls if u can make me understand better b’coz anytime when i put my ipod on the screen can go just white & after that it will be freezed until the battery goes down by all pls help me !

  42. If your iPod stuck at the apple logo, keep pressing the sleep and home button until the”connect to iTunes” screen appear (like u got it for the first time).

  43. my ipod tuche screen 32gb has the same problem of freezing i realy don’t know what to do b’coz i have tried all my best but i’m not getting to any good solution please i need ur help to solve my ipod problem !

  44. my ipod is going on to the screen that just shows a white apple with a black blackground but it is freezing and stays like that,
    i cannot live without my ipod and i need it fixed,

  45. I have the same problem as Jen and I NEED HELP. I go to the email app to try to check my email but the screen is black. I have no other way to check my email and I really need to. This happened about two weeks ago. PLEASE HELP!

  46. hi i was just useing my ipod touch, then i tured it off and went to the bathroom and i tried to go back on my ipod to listen to music it turned on but the screen didnt move and then i tried puuting it on the charger but nothing happend so please help me this is my second ipod toch the first one broke for falling and my mom will be mad at me if this is too! someone please help!

  47. Uhm my ipod touch screen dosent work like it turns on but when i touch the screen it wont let me touch anything or move it like the senser dosent work what do i do please help me im soo clueless.:S

  48. ok, ive been really careful with my ipod touch 2 gen, only dropped it once because someone bumped me, and in the past month the backlight won’t turn on. I usually put it in sleep and when i press the home button to awaken it, the light comes on. There are a few spots on the screen that if you apply slight pressure, the light turns off. The ipod remains on and intact, but there isnt a illuminating light. Its been a month and now the light wont come on at all, resetting it wont work, neither does adjusting brightness, double tapping the home button, or any other various techniques. Any advice would help. Thank you.

  49. my sleep button does not work and every time i open it asks me to turn it of or will just flicker on and of 4 a long time

  50. Hello there i have an ipod 3rd genreration touch and every time i turn it on is show’s a picture of a itunes and usb cord pointing ay itunes.

  51. okay… i got my ipod touch x-mas day 4 my b-day. it charged all night and synced to my apple computer. the next day i took it off and when i plugged it back into the computer the backlight of the ipod shut off. this has been a constant problem. It workes when the battery is fully charged but now it wont come on period. now when i turn it on after a minute or two the screen completely shuts off. the music still goes but the screen is shut off like the ipod is off. i dont know what to do with it… any help would be nice

  52. The screen on my I Pod Touch magnifies and I can’t get it to minimize to the regular size. How do I fix this problem? Thank you for your help.

  53. hi there, yesterday i installed some racing games in my ipod touch 2nd gen. there is a problem, when i start any racing game my car goes automatically to the right side. first i thought its a problem of that game but when i install so many other racing games its same thing happen again. even i don’t stear my ipod its automatically turn right side. can anyone tell me what is the problem with ipod??? how can i fix it ??? plz help me out .

  54. Hi guys, I have 2nd gen Iphone and got problem with its screen. Screen turns on ok, but it doesnt sensing my touch and couldn’t access to my iphone at all even tough its receiving calls and message. My daughter dropped it and there is a one little crack on the screen. Should I replace the digitizer and touch screen?

    Thank you.


  56. I have the exact same problem as Hana.. The bottom half of my iTouch SOMETIMES not responsive to touch.. But it seems to work once I press the power button twice. Not al the time though. I just got it for Christmas 2 days ago and I’ve already dropped it twice. . Help please.. It is 2nd gen. 32 gig.

  57. can someone help me please???
    just got my ipod touch today for chrsitmas and it’s already decided to hate me. it’s a 3rd generation 32gig touch.
    i’ve read heaps of other tips and stuff but nothing i do seems to work. the problem is that it works perfectly fine except the fact that my photo’s and videos are in negative. and no i don’t mean the neagative black that i’ve read so much about, it’s just negative and i can’t seem to fix it. did i do something or change a setting??
    i remember when i was first playing around with it that something came up on the screen saying “change from black on white to white on black.” i don’t remember what i pressed though.
    anyway, please help me!!

  58. same problem as blueblueblue my ipod touch 8g has a blue line running down the middle. never been dropped or mistreated. can anyone help?????

  59. ok my ipod touch turns on but it wont let me slide to unlock it and i tryed restarting it didnt sllide and pluged it into my computer and didnt work…. i worked last night but all day today it didnt work!! Please please help me!!!

  60. hey, i was fixing my ipod touch 2nd gen screen .
    and i took of the screen .
    and the home button .
    was i supposed to take the home button off ?

  61. my itouch screen broke after i dropped it when kicking my cousin. it wont work like some of the other people and i cant seem to get it work. how do you fix it?

  62. Thanks XIIIShadows it work, if you have a blank screen and and your i pod still on, Try turning it off anyway. Everytime you turn off the ipod touch you have to slide the bar. Try doing it with the blank screen, then when you are sure that it is off, hold the power button and the menu button at the same time untill you see the apple logo. It should turn on if it doesn’t, you did something wrong or you just have a serious problem with your i pod.

  63. I had the problem with my iPods mail app going black. The being a new 32 gb 3rd gen I online to see what was wrong to find this. Not to mention all on my iPod. All I found was to try resetting and it worked. Thanks to whoever mentioned that. Completely forgot about reseting it myself, I rarely turn mine off.

  64. i was playing with my ipod touch 2gen and all of a sudeen the collers are all inverted adn wont change..i never jailbreaked it or broke it or anything. it just changed all the colors are do i fix this?

  65. hey my ipod got stuck at the unlock screen today and i couldn’t get in for a while, but now i’m getting a couple seconds of working responsive touches and then it goes back to not responding. and i don’t know what to do because it literally will work enough for me to slide then back to nothing. HELP?!?

  66. Hi Ale.Hay, please try to hold the power button and home button for about 30seconds while connected to my computer. hope it could help your problems.

  67. Umm ii have an ipod and ii tried to reset it because the main menu button stopped working and it would not turn off!!
    Then when ii went reset it the screen just turned WHITE and wont do anything..

    any help??..(:

  68. i have only had my ipod touch 2 generation a few mounths, i left it in my shoes while i was at some sports club then after 3 hours i went to go turn it on and the screen flickers ive tryed reseting it and i just dont know what to do can anyone help?

  69. well my mail app is perfectly fine now because all I did was turn my iPod off and than turn it back on a few min later but I’m not sure if it will work for you guys but you should try anyways it might work hope that’ll work =D

  70. I have the exact same problem as Rachel and Randy. Mail app worked just fine, then since last night all I get is a black screen (with the wifi, time, and battery indicators on top still visible) whenever I open it. I still get push notifications of new mail, just can’t view it. Any ideas??

  71. I have the same problem as Rachel! My email worked fine, but now all it does it show a black screen whenever i click to open the mail app. I tried re-setting my email account but that didnt help! Everything seems fine everywhere else on my iPod Touch, except there. HELP?!

  72. Can someone help me please? My ipod touch is fine except for the mail app, it was working fine yesterday, but than a while later (yesterday night) it became black and now my mail app is black and it wont work i cant see my mail at all the only thing i can see is the the top where it has the wifi time and battery and thats all idk what to do. can someone please help me??? everything else is fine though and i always check my mail cause i always get mail from my friends. can anyone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me?????

  73. Hello Everyone,

    Well, I have an 8Gig Black ITouch and yes, this is the same problem, where you have a white screen, then flickering blue, yellow lines, etc. then it goesd dead and can’t do anything.

    The problem is two fold:

    (1) The unit will need to be reset. I would suggest doing it manually and NOT through Itunes 9.01 like I did. It was a nightmare. You can reset it by using the Manual Way, just press the Wake (off/on Button on top) and the “Home” button (Center). and that will do the trick.

    (2) It is power related. So before you do anything to reset it, first make sure it is powered up.

    Honestly, for the first time, I am having doubts about Apple. They are creating a market of unhappy folks and it’s only a matter of time, before I switch to a simple MP3 player. Who needs the grief for gods sake?

  74. my ipod touch was acting up, so I went to power it down, and the screen just stopped working. I couldnt slide the thing to power off and estart it, so I came on here and the only thing that worked was holding the menu button and the top button and turning it off. it took 4 tries, but it worked and now my ipod is working fine ^_^

  75. I have an iPod touch 2G and it accidently got wet. As soon as that happened I took a blow dryer and tried to dry it. While I was drying it, the screen went blank. After I finished drying it I put it to charge and the screen went on but there was lines going down and it shut off. After the inside dried I turned it on and I couldnt slide to open it. Now the screen isnt touchable and I cant use it. The litmus paper is still white. Can I get it fixed free of charge and do you have any tips how i can fix it?

  76. my pod touch is 8 GB and 1 Gen and it turns blank but comes back to normal after a few minutes or something. i restored it too but still its still happening. what should i do.Please tell me

  77. i have had my ipod since xmas and i just recently jailbroke it. it died, and when i plugged it in, it turned on but only showed my wallpaper, not my clock or sidebar. i have tried restarting it, pressing the home and power buttons at the same time until it shos the apple symbol, and unplugging/replugging the charger. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. For the people who have the blank screen that wont seem to go away: try turning off the iTouch *press the little black button at the top* and THEN hold both the menu and top buttons and keep holding it till’ you see the Apple logo appear, that should bring you back to the menu screen *If it doesnt work, im sorry, but it worked for my iTouch 8GB 2nd Gen*

  79. Rob, I have the same problem as you. Moisture got in it and now can’t get past the slide to unlock screen. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. I just got my ipod touch 8gb 2 generation and when i turn it on it is blue with lines running down the middle. It is fully responsive other then the fact that you cant see what you are doing. (I accidentally turned a U2 song on when I was just pressing in random places.)


  81. i found a i pod touch it turns on but the touch screen is broke i cant get it past the slide to unlock part any one no how to fix it?

  82. i have the same damn problem as dylan and it doesnt’ turn off eitha! can ANY1 help me!!!!!???

  83. my ipod touch has a blue line running though the screen ! i have never dropped it before.

  84. i gotta ipod touch, and it has a white screen that it wont come out of
    i’ve already tried the holding the menu and top button method and it wont work
    i can hear it unlocking but for some reason it wont get off that screen
    someone help please

  85. My son left his I-pod Touch out in the yard overnight. It got some moisture up under the screen. When we brought it in the next morning, we couldn’t get it to turn on, even after we charged it. One of the neighborhood dads suggested putting it in a bowl of dry rice, sealing it, and leaving it for 5 days, then recharging it. This succeeded in getting it to turn on again, but now the screen appears to be frozen. We can’t get past the “slide to unlock” screen. The screen doesn’t appear to function. We’ve tried all the tips above, resetting it, resynching it, etc. We even tried restoring it several time from I-Tunes. Nothing is working in getting the screen to function. Is the thing shorted out?? Anybody have any other ideas??

  86. So I’ve had my new ipod touch since X-mas 2nd gen 8g and just yeasterday i tried to turn it on and the screen won’t light up but I can see the Apple symbol. My computer will not reconize it and says its restoring it but nothing happens it just extracts something and restores but its still the same. I have tried to restore//reset it manually but it just turns off for a minute then on again. Will someone help me PLEASE!!!!!

  87. i own an 8Gb ipod touch which has been of great use to me. quite unfortunately 2days agp i noticed that the screen was entirely dark which was surprising cos i just used it some 10mins before. my PC recognises it when i plug it in and it also plays when i connect it to my iTrip but still i cant see anything. Please can anyone help!!!

  88. I have made a huge discovery with the iPod touch that has to do with the screen not lighting up. On your iPod Touch there is the home button, on each side of that must be the parts where it turns the blacklight on. While the iPod is off, put a little bit of pressure to the left and right of the home button and the blacklight should turn on. **I am not responsible if you happen to break your iPod if you attempt this.** (It worked on my iPod Touch 2nd Gen 16 Gig.)

  89. help my ipod touch 16gb 2 generation screnn has gone blank i can see the screen vagily but not clear at all no light will come up even if i slide the brightness across ive tried everything

    anybody have any surgestions??
    ive only had it for 6 moths

  90. My ipod touch’s light won’t go on or won’t be very bright and some programs won’t work like my email . can some one help? i only had it for 4-6 months.

  91. i bought an i pod touch of a friend and the E and the S key only work once in a blue moon.Any way of fixing that or did i just get screwed?

  92. i have a ipod touch 16G 1st generation
    one of the touch lines of the ipod dont work everything wotks but i cant log in to itunes with out touching that line does anyone knows what i can do to solve it?????


  94. To purple_pickle: That’s Great simple tips, Anyone who have iPod Touch screen problem, could try that tips.

  95. To: NICK– I suggest if you “found” the ipod, you find the owner.
    Everyone else.. My ipod touch and my nano (yes i have two) always do weird things.. (the screen wont light up, the touch wont work) the best thing to do is reset them.

    Touch- Press the home key and the top key at the same time.. it should reset.

    Nano- press the center button and the play/pause button. hope this helps!!

  96. My ipod touch will come on but the touch screen is broken, I can’t get pass the slide to unlock screen, does anyone kno how to fix the problem???

  97. i got a 16GB touch and when i plug it in the computer it says its charging but i cant see the screen….can anyone help??

  98. ipod 60G 2nd gen will not light up or e recognized by itunes, was working fine earlier tonight then just out of blue, quit.. help

  99. wasted something on ipod touch now the screen wont light up or let me slide the prompt to acess the ipod pls help or provide a # to a good safe repair company asap

  100. i found a i pod touch it turns on but the touch screen is broke i cant get it past the slide to unlock part any one no how to fix it?

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