iPhone btinternet Settings

If you want to set up an email account on your iPhone but don’t know which settings to input, or you’re just having problems sending email on your iPod, then it may be your iPhone btinternet settings that you’re having problems with. The bad news is that not having your btinternet settings up and working properly will mean that you will experience problems when trying to send or receive mail. The good news is that it’s very easy to fix!

First, make sure your WiFi is turned off. Why this helps change your email setting seems to be beyond anyone, but turning the WiFi off first is important to fix your email settings. Once finished, you can turn your WiFi back on and everything will work fine.

The second thing you need to do is actually change your email settings. When using a btinternet service provider, there are two settings you will need to know how to change. One is the incoming mail server and the second is the outgoing mail server. The incoming mail server setting should look like this: mail.btinternet.com. The outgoing mail server however should look like this: smtp.o2.co.uk.

The btinternet settings apply to iPhone and iPod Touch users in the United Kingdom and while it can be quite irksome, there’s no need to think that you can’t use your email on your iPod just because  you aren’t aware of the proper settings. Input these settings when setting up your email and you should be just fine.

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