5 Quick Steps to Open Siri on iPhone 4s

5 Quick Steps to Open Siri on iPhone 4s

As Apple puts it, a new world of possibilities will be opened to you once you access and open Siri on iPhone 4s. Before long, you’ll find yourself loving your ultra-smartphone more than you used to due to this feature that has a quirky-sounding name. During its much-awaited public release, the iPhone 4s has generated a lot of excitement as it introduced Siri, a “voice control-cum-personal assistant” feature that makes use of AI for accomplishing certain mobile tasks.

But first off, we need to know what Siri can do to us. On the widest perspective, Siri can take instructions from users to perform tasks like finding info, setting reminders and even sending a message. This is old-school voice control feature that has gotten better, can take lengthy dictations and doesn’t require memorization of specific command sentences.

Now the question is how you open Siri on iPhone 4s. There are several ways to launch this voice-based personal assistant so it is best if we know how to set it up during certain activities like driving, running, etc.

1. If you’re holding your phone in your hands, simply press and hold the Home key until you hear two beeps which indicate that Siri has been activated. Another way is to hold up the phone to your ear, as the iPhone 4s has a sensor that will instantly launch Siri upon detection of a person’s head. This, however, requires you to turn on the “Raise to Speak” option first.

2. To launch Siri while on a mic-and-remote headset, simply do the same to the center button.

3. To use Siri while on a Bluetooth headset, press the call key.

4. Ask a question as soon as Siri is turned on. Normally, it can detect the end of your speech, but you can simply press the microphone icon on the screen to indicate a halt.

5. Expect specific replies to your commands (that’s how intelligent the iPhone 4s can be) such as suggestions on what message to send or what to remind you about and for when. It would usually talk back whenever the command seemed incomplete. Once you open Siri on iPhone 4s, all you have to do is talk things up to it.

 Open Siri on iPhone 4s Video Demo

Please watch Siri on iPhone 4s Video Demo below:

You could ask Siri on iPhone 4S to Start a Car, check it out how in the video below:

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