iPod Touch 2.2.1 Update

Advancing technology and new stuff everyday, and from Apple,s basket always comes out innovative and something out of the box. One of those was the iPhone and the company keeps coming out with an update now, which includes new features, which rectifies faults from the older software version. The iPhone and iPod touch software updates are almost similar, except some features.

The iPod Touch a variation of the iPod is very similar to the iPhone and both the gadgets are like brothers. The only feature that the iPod touch doesn’t have is obviously the phone feature of receiving and making calls.

Apples latest software update is the ipod touch 2.2.1 update, which has rectified lots of things from the older version. The update has a whole lot of rectifications; lets have a glance at them –

  • The mailing system has been enhanced and now includes new features. Old issues of fetching email are now solved and there is now there is wide formatting of wide HTML.
  • The much-anticipated Podcasts are now available for download in iTunes application.
  • Many complaints had been there about the old version of Safari but in this iPod touch 2.2.1 update the browser is more stable and fast and the performance is par excellence.
  • The call setup features have been improved now with a lower frequency of calls being dropped.

Some amazing features in a nutshell included in this iPod Touch 2.21 Update are –

  • The genius feature, which instantly creates a Genius play list of songs that go great together.
  • The new calendar feature lets you make different calendars for different places tending to create less confusion.
  • The contacts were never so easy to find with just a tap of the button, and voila the contacts are there.
  • This update includes new mail management features. One can move and delete a vast number of messages. Mass movement of message is very easy. Also tow accounts can be operated and the BCC feature, which is the blind carbon copy feature, has been included.
  • A full scientific calculator has been included for science freaks that now don’t need to carry their heavy calculator around.

The iPod 2.2.1 update is very easy to get from the iTunes store or the application store. Once you install this update you will get a whole new iPod touch and you will feel that you are using a new iPod.

The update is very easy to obtain and install that is after you purchase it from the app store at a nominal price. The steps are self explanatory and as easy as one two and three.

With new phones and mp3 players hitting the market everyday Apple is bound to find ways to keep their customers to themselves and not let them migrate to any other gadget.

Though it is very difficult to oust this piece of gadget from this plethora of gadgets but keeping it in the race is up to the company. And their updates featuring the latest will help them to do so.

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  1. How can I get update with out having to pay , even if its early versions like 2.0 , new versions can be priced but ones like 2.0 should be free download to the public.

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