Best Way to Fix iPhone Error 1015

What is iPhone Error 1015?

Restoring your iPhone is supposed to fix everything that’s wrong with it, right? Well, not always. And in some cases, it may not be until you go to restore your iPhone that you get any error messages at all. This has been the case with several people who have tried to restore their iPhone only to get the message “Error 1015″ So just what is this error message, and how do you fix this iphone error 1015?

iphone error 1015

The problem, according to the Apple support forum, comes when you try to downgrade your iPhone. Why would anyone want to downgrade their software? Well, it’s useful for when you want to use unlocking features and for a few other things. But, the problem is that Apple no longer allows people to restore their iPhone, or any other iDevices for that matter.

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The good news is that the solution to fix this error is simple. You still won’t be able to do whatever it was that you originally wanted to do, but you will be able to get your iPhone back in working order so that you can use it as normal. All you have to do is try to restore your iPhone again using the latest software that is available from Apple.

And, according to Apple themselves, this is all that is required to get rid of the iphone error 1015 message and start using your iPhone as they so intended. Do you get same error like this? Please kindly share your experience by dropping your comment below this article.

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