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The iPhone is probably one of the trendiest phones today. It is not just trendy but the utilities available in them are many and very useful for day to day use. One such useful iPhone application is the Pastebot that helps you to copy the text and pictures to the clipboard. Though this might sound like any of the normal copy and paste devices, Pastebot app for ipod touch or iphone has more to offer beyond just the copy paste functions.

Pastebot iPod Touch app is one of those unique tools that could be loaded into your iPhone or iPod Touch via the iTunes and is seamless and simple to use as well. The following are ways the tool proves its dominance over the rest of the similar tools:

  • Copies both text and pictures from any of your application by just tapping and opening the program every time. Except for the fact that the application has to be opened every time you need to get something copied, it proves advantageous as it allows you to search for the text in Google.
  • Pastebot also allows editing of the picture or text the way you want. You could also use this to convert the text with respect to upper case and lower case, adding quotes and correcting the words, replacing specific words and so on. With respect to pictures you could change the colors background to a black and white or sepia and also invert or change angles before pasting them to the applications.
  • The unique syncing feature with your Mac and Pastebot allows you to sync stuff from your Pastebot application to your computer in seconds through Wi-Fi. This in other words means that you do not have re do stuff and could use the clips or images to be pasted in any application on your computer as well.
  • Organizing the text clipping is just one of those additional features that allows you to maintain the clippings in an organized way in folders and also could index them so that it is easier to search.

With all this discussed, the pastebot iPhone application promises to offer more in its next updates which might include cool features like sending an e-mail or a SMS directly from Pastebot. While we all wait for this, don’t lose the opportunity to make the best use of what is available.

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