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Text free app for ipod touch and iPhone

Usually most of the people do not understand other people languages. So we feel difficult to communicate with them. Textfree is nothing but a user interface that wholly based on the graphical techniques to make people to understand the other language without writing. Text-free UIs are employed in areas where written language may not be understood by the user. Thus this facility is now available in the iphone applications store. Most of the American people make this as their past time in sending text messages through this graphical technique called textfree. Pinger is a new model of iphone that comes into the market which is the popular for its iphone interface. It has developed an application that many users are clamoring to message boards and review sites to cheer as another great innovation. Supporting America’s pastime, texting, with a contract free, low cost is only possible through the Textfree Unlimited iPhone App.

This Text free app for ipod touch use a simple technique called user interface. The user interface is nothing but the aggregate by means of the people interacts with the system or a particular device or a particular machine. The user interface makes the easy way of communication with others.

Text free app for ipod touch and iphone

With TextFree Unlimited app for iphone or ipod touch are free to send text message (SMS) and receive for the user. Friends and contacts that get those messages and reply to them still must pay their own service providers costs, which is not unreasonable. If another iPhone owning friend may be coerced into signing up for TextFree Unlimited as well, you can communicate with one another through the application for free. Use of TextFree Unlimited requires a WiFi connection, which may or may not be free depending on the situation.

This textfree unlimited iphone application is so useful for people of any ages. Text free app for ipod touch users also send email or text alerts of a new message. It not only seems redundant, but cumbersome for those who use this app as their primary means of texting. This ipod touch application has large number of benefits like we can continuously send textfree messages with no additional cost. As a touch user they have to retrieve their numbers from the contact. This textfree unlimited application is also nice for iPod touch owners that want to send text messages from their device. With this app, you just turn your ipod touch into iphone.

You could this Text free app for ipod touch Here and start to Send Text Message (Sms) for Free!

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  1. At first textfree let me text people in france by putting 33 in front of the number but its not working anymore. Now it wont count the 0 as a number. The number im texting starts with a zero but it wont count it
    Please Help.

  2. Hello I am a user of Textfree and would like to suggest that you make it so we can use our own pictures as backgrounds.

  3. i just want to know which carriers can I text to in Dominican Republic? and if it works with Orange can I receive messages from that carrier?

  4. I love the appl.But I have a question. Why doesnt it let me know i have a message.i have to click the app, wait for it to hook up online then i click the new message.please help me:)

  5. I recently updated textfree with voice now each time I open the app it says that I’m logged out and I need to log back in. It logs me out even if I leave the app for a second. It gets annoying having to sign in everytime. And since I’m not logged in, I’m not alerted of a message. How do I get the app to keep me logged in?

  6. This app also allows you to call others via your phone number applied and wifi, are there hidden charges for those calls? Please let me know.


  7. I used to like this app, then it gave up on me. I dont know what happened. It used to send the text as soon as I pressed SEND but now it says it sent it and the person I am texting doesnt get the text message. And it also wont tell me when they text me first. I tried deleted and re-downloading the app a lot of times and it always does the same thing. I dont know if its my iPod or the app..help please…

  8. i have the same problem as david it wont give me the actual number for the zip code i ask for if anyone knows what zip code i need to type in to get an 860 number please let me know

  9. I need to be able to send international text so that I can actually talk to my gf who is living in France, but text free won’t let me and says “we will be supporting internatinal text soon” how soon will this be?

  10. I just set up 2 ipod touch units, and I can send texts with textfree, but I can’t receive them. Can you help?

  11. I need help. I want a 931 # but when I type in the area code the 931# is in it gives me 605 #s.
    Comment right here please.

  12. How do i buy apps for my ipod touch over the internet and do i have to go get insurance or what for the ipod touch.I’m getting one for Christmas and how much does it cost?And what stuff does it already come with?All i know is that it has a clock and music and videos and photos and safari. What else?How much does it cost to get internet on my ipod touch?I have heard that you can get texting unlimited but how much is that?If you can figure this stuff out for me i would love that.



  13. free texting is great. wondering if the application works in europe. traveling over the summer. thanx

  14. i want to send a message to my friend who has the texting app on his ipod touch but i dont know the carrier such as @yahoo.com he doesnt know either i thought it would be @textfree.us but he said he doesnt get any messages from me. Do u know another carrier that it might be?

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