Expandable Memory and Storage of iPhone

The Expandable memory of iPhone is DDR-SDRAM. It contains 1GB in which 16MB is reserved for the GPU. It has 8K blocks. There are four banks in the iPhone memory. The speed of iPhone memory is 7.5ns@CL3. The voltage range is 1.8V core to 1.8V I/O. The memory is very important for storing contacts, photos, videos, songs, messages, calculators, maps, stocks and notes. The standard memory functions used in iPhone calculators are
C: Tap to clear the displayed number
MC: Tap to clear the memory
M+: Tap to add the displayed number in memory. If no number is in memory tap to store
the displayed number in the memory.
M-: Tap to subtract the displayed number from the number in memory.
MR: Tap to replace the displayed number with in memory. If the button has a white
ring around it, there is a number stored i

iPhone Memory

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The stored numbers remains in the iPhone memory when one switches from standard to scientific calculators.
The iPhone storage takes place in K9MCG08U5M chip and in 3G it takes place in TH58NVG6D1D.it has a NAND flash memory. The storage sizes are 4GB/8GB/16GB.NaND flash memory is used as it is faster to erase and write and also NAND is prone to single bit errors; error detection and correction.

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  1. great review. iPhone owners cannot in reality increase the size of their storage, however there are also speculation that apple is working on the problem of expandable memory For iPhones.

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