How to fix No SIM Card installed error On Your iPad?

How to fix No SIM Card installed error On Your iPad?Apple Repo, Nothing in this world can make people happy when they have new gadgets on hand. Everything is in control and you feel the world is in your hands. Just like having an Ipad, You have waited for this to have and it is already there. These are gadgets giving you the advanced technology giving you happiness and magic. Since they are devices they can also slow down or even worse break down, if not taken care properly. You may experience some technical difficulties in handling some case. One of the things you may encounter and ask yourself a question like why does my ipad say no sim? Maybe you really did not put any or you just need get to know your ipad better.

So, you are getting to know more of your ipad, you read the little brochure and still did not find any solution to this kind of ipad problem. The sim is there and still it says no sim. So what could really be the problem that makes you ask why does my ipad say no sim? There are many reasons and check below for these reasons to find out yourself.

Steps To fix No SIM Card installed error in Ipad

Here are steps to do if you found No SIM Card installed error message on your ipad:

no sim card installed error on ipad

  1. You need to check on the copper connectors on the sim, make sure it is dry.
  2. Get the sim out of the ipad by using any pointed thing to pop the sim card out.
    Before doing so , remember how it looks like when in the ipad to make sure you return it in a proper way also. Put a rubbing alcohol on a cotton bud and slowly clean the copper connector side of the sim. And let it dry. Return the sim card and this time it should work.
  3. If this does not work to solve why does my ipad say no sim problem try the sim card to other gadgets and try if it is working or not, if not then it is time to buy yourself a new sim card.
  4. Have your ipad try another sim card, maybe your ipad is faulty. If you are still asking why does my ipad say no sim , then your ipad hardware has an issue. The pins that reads the sim card has the problem. You need to visit the ipad store and have checked.
  5. You need to turn on the flight mode and wait for a minute to settle and turn it off. This should do.
  6. You need to reset your network settings
  7. You need to reseat the sim card. Pull it out and insert it again. The jolt unseats the sim causing it to lose the reception or signal.
  8. Always update your ipad to the latest IOS
  9. Make sure the screen protector is not blocking the connection from your sim to the ipad. You need to have your ipad screen removed or changed in to a non hassle screen protector. Then, you need to install it properly.
  10. You can remove and replaced the sim card with the ipad turned on, to see immediately if no sim still appears or not.
  11. You might give your ipad a cleaning session, not just your sim. Try it, it may be the solution, but be careful cleaning the sides and little details of it.
  12. Last thing is to check on the sim card,it should be compatible with your ipad.
  13. You need to get the battery out of the ipad, after you need to reboot your ipad. So that everything is fresh again.

When you apply these tips as to your answer your question why does my ipad say no sim, your ipad for sure will be at its best and your sim card is appearing already. Still if not then it is better to bring your ipad to the ipad shop.

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