simple tutorial fix errors on a laptop

Simple tutorial fix errors on a laptopPerhaps for this I experienced by my friend and do require all directions to find the error on the laptop . So they can find the best solution in order to repair your damage or the error .

Simple Guide to Fix Error On Laptop , One of the things that often happens is the laptop motherboard failure that requires repair , this failure is usually in the boot process , or even can not read laptop hard disk storage , causing an error . If my friend wants to buy a new motherboard must cost very expensive and even in this case my friend would be minded to buy a new laptop so that the work is not delayed . But before my friend bought a new laptop , there’s nothing wrong if my friend tried it first with what I’m going for it .
simple tutorial fix errors on a laptop
simple tutorial fix errors on a laptop
First mate check anywhere or fault location error on the laptop mate . Observe carefully so that no one steps in the repair and the process went smoothly . The things that often happen :

    Laptop turned on , fan or fan spins but the screen and the hard disk does not directly work could even die completely.
    In the Start Process , indicator lamp lights up , the fan and the hard drive reads for heavy work , but within a few minutes missing and dead laptop back . Usually also interspersed high tone when pressing the ON button buddy . Hopefully the ON button also does not happen on a laptop mate .

Simple Guide to Fix Error On Laptop , Many causes of failure as I have explained above , so the motherboard on a laptop my friend does not work normally even not work at all . Listen and check the first case likely originated from here … : Power supply voltage is abnormal , Dusty , often exposed to smoke , Age laptops , Fan dies , Fall or physically damaged on a laptop .

Another reason is the screen does not turn ON OFF switch malfunction screen , as well as a refrigerator door that has a key associated with the door , , , If the light in the refrigerator is opened it will turn on and when the lights will shut off, it’s probably happened to the laptop mate . Due to the frequent jams with open lid .

If that happens the laptop can still light up , but within a few seconds to die back , it could be due to power or the battery runs out . Check the cables connected to the outlet , check wear another adapter in case the fault lies in the adapter . If Using another adapter can flame it means his biggest mistake was already dead pal adapter .

When all have been tried , the last way to Replace the RAM and CMOS battery , Arranged borrow to experiment though not already bought .

The last suggestion ! If my friend do not understand mending directly to the service center does not just let things happen unexpectedly … ! For the safety of yourself buddy !
Good luck and if it works do not forget to share was counted we increase the reward … !
simple tutorial fix errors on a laptop
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