picOnScreen iPhone App Simplifies Photo Sharing

picOnScreen is a simple, small and free iPhone application. Its single purpose is to simplify the transfer of pics from your iPhone to a computer and its monitor. But this task is solved in a very simple and elegant way.

PicOnScreen iPhone App
The user does not need any cable, software or online account and nothing has to be configured. The user can select pictures stored on
his iPhone and the app automatically sends them to the server. The
only thing the user has to do in order to see his pics on the computer
screen, is to go to the web page piconscreen.com and to enter an 8 digit code. The code is generated on the iPhone and makes sure each user can only see his own pics.

picOnScreen ipod touch app

picOnScreen app

picOnScreen for ipod touch
A test of the picOnScreen iPhone app showed that you are able to see the first picture on your computer screen 26 seconds after the app was downloaded to the iPhone. Any subsequent pics are uploaded in less than 5 seconds.

picOnScreen: from iPhone to computer in less than 40 seconds, watch the video below:

Another interesting feature of picOnScreen app for iphone is its traffic saving caching mechanism. If you select a picture on your iphone for the second time the app sends only a small ID to the server and the
picture is loaded from the server. This saves you money if you are not
connected to a WLAN network.

picOnScreen app for ipod touch or iphone is a simple but powerful tool for everybody who likes to take pictures with the iPhone.Download this great Photo sharing iPhone app here.

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