iPod Nano with a Built-in Gorgeous Camera

Good news for music lovers worldwide. Apple triumphantly released the new iPod Nano which is considered the most popular music player in the global market on September 9, 2009.

Before, this iPod Nano was just for mere sound tripping but now, it’s a whole lot different because a camera, speaker and video have been added to satisfy the utmost desires of music lovers. Through these, wherever they may be, they can shoot video, view it on their iPods and use their PC’s to effortlessly transfer the videos to YouTube, Fecebook, MobileMe or even via email. Aside from that, it features a sleek and ultra thin design with 2.2-inches made larger for effortless navigation. You can have fun with the album art or even shooting and viewing video clips in this New iPod Nano. If you think that ends it, think again. It has a built-in FM radio mixed with live pause, iTunes and as well as a pedometer that is also built-in. It was added to keep track as you take your steps and burn your calories, assisting you to successfully meet your fitness goals. Now, if you’re looking for an 8GB model, well it only costs $149 while the 16GB model costs $179. You’ll feel like in cloud 9 as this comes in 9 various color selections such as black, silver, blue, green, purple, orange, yellow, pink, and red.

No doubt, Apple is really the one dominating the gadget world in this century. Because of the newly released iPod Nano you can enjoy up to 24 hours of music playback or even video playback on a single charge for as long as five hours.

What are you waiting for? Rush to the nearest store and buy the newest and the freshest iPod nano now. You’ll surely be making the most of your life through this.

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