A Great Credit Card Case for Your iPhone 4

I once believed that iPhone Case-mate had re-created an innovative way for us to only carry our iPhones instead of our wallet. Although, my dreams may have been shot down because what I thought was a “package” deal, just ended up being another small compartment.

I was really sorry to have to put my wallet back in my pocket, but it didn’t mean that I wasn’t going to continue using the product.
Retailed At: About $35
Buy It: Here
The Short Review: Let’s just say you’re going somewhere and you don’t want to have to haul a bunch of stuff you don’t need in your wallet. It can hold three cards, so choose them wisely. Between the two finishes of black and aluminum, the aluminum wears out quicker than the other. You’ll definitely impress your bartender if you end up using it.

A Detailed Review:

Why The Case-Mate Holder Is a Positive Notion:

Nowadays plastic is the way to go.

I don’t blame anyone for fear of losing cash.
I now a lot of people appreciate having the little bit of spare cash in their wallets for emergency purposes. For me, there is just no point. I only use cards, and other forms of card and checks to do my fiduciary business. There is only about one time in a year where I will make an exception to this rule. If my card gets turned away so does my business.

Wallets that are manufactured in this day and age are made for carrying everything else but cash. Okay, maybe a little bit, but they seem to be making more changes for use “Plastic-only” people. Don’t get me started on the number of plastics that reside in my pocket on a daily basis. If I took all those unspecified cards out of my wallet I would only have a few cards that actually do me any good. We’re all easy targets for pointless cards.

Now that I have gotten used to this particular card carrier on my iPhone, I’m hooked on it. It brings a much simpler point of view of why I even bother with a wallet when the only things I need are two (out of my fifteen) cards.

These are not life-changing products here, but they do help me out in little areas here and there. There are certain places that I frequent that I have to grab certain cards for. The credit cards that I need on trips that are trivial but still important will stay in my vehicle. My car is the one thing that can’t get miss-placed when I need to go anywhere, so keeping my cards in it isn’t that crazy of a decision. Keeping documents saved on my iDevice also allows me to use them at certain places (including the hospital).

The truth is, I don’t miss my pocketbook.
The Hook-ups:
iPhone case mate

1.The part that holds your cards
2.A cover to put on top of your screen
3.A cleaning wipe
4.A covering that goes over your cards once you slide them in
5.A guide on how to put everything together

What Makes the Credit Card iPhone Case?

The quality of the credit card iphone case doesn’t seem to be that great until you slip it on the device. There is a covering that goes between your case and the cards. This comes in handy because sometimes your cards will get stuck without it. There is also a little thing to keep your screen from coming to any harm. I don’t think it has much of a purpose since these screens are virtually indestructible.

The plastic slides in and out of the credit card case for iphone 4 product very easily and is held in there well. It doesn’t take much to get the plastic to be prodded out. Your cards are going to start looking a bit more worn and torn because of the different types of materials used. The parts that get beat up aren’t really the important parts of the card that make it work.

So, Your iPhone Disappears….. With Your Money:
There is a lot of commotion about what happens when someone jacks your phone. I get two reactions:

“Wow! That is neat.”
“Hope no one jacks your phone”

Okay, yes it’s not a good thought. Let’s just do a couple scenarios here. If my iPhone gets jacked, then everything is gone that has anything to do with money or identification. Soooo, if my pocketbook gets jacked…. EVERYTHING is gone…with the rest of my cards that had money on them.

What I Have Concluded:

I’m picky, so if I say something is a good buy, it must be. Just try and reorganize your life a little bit and find out if you can do without half of what remains in your wallet.

The Upside:

Makes sure all cards are cared for and not easily falling out
Light and aesthetically pleasing.

Everything was though out and planned specifically for consumers
Everyone has an opinion (most of them good) about the case.

The Downside:

Make sure you get a good color for the holder or it will look antique in no time.

Disclosed: We were given this Credit Card iPhone Case product by the company who made it to review. We give our honest to God opinion about everything you read in this article.

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