Do I Have to Buy a Case for my iPhone?

Do I Have to Buy a Case for my iPhone?. Now that you have an iPhone, you may be wondering if you are suppose to spend money on a ase. Whether it was given to you or you bought it yourself, the answer is YES! You could buy one in an ordinary cellphone store, and they will be more willing to sell you an iphone case. Other iPhone owners will agree that buying a case is important. Now lets discuss the usefulness of buying a case for your iPhone.

1. The Accelerometer is the part of your iPhone that provides you the screen tilt effect to the iPhone. Getting an iphone case would protect your Accelerometer. This feature also let’s you get both landscape and portrait view of the screen. Some applications like Bump and Pedometer rely on the Accelerometer. Without a case for your iPhone, you could easily damage the accelerometer due to “shock”. Sudden movements or abrupt stops that you could get from dropping your phone could “shock” your Accelerometer. An iPhone without an Accelerometer is still a phone, but you’ve just made it into an ordinary phone.

2. Another useful thing about an iphone case is that it protects the outer surface of your iPhone from scratches, damage and dents. If you want to sell your iPhone after awhile and your unit has a lot of scratches and dents, the resale value of your iPhone will decrease drastically. The iPhone is different and has a delicate circuitry which makes it susceptible to permanent damage if you drop it. Just like a bicycle helmet, a protective case will absorb shocks and prevent scratches. Any case that is sold will give enough protection, be it a soft rubber case or a hard plastic case.

3. iPhone cases will prevent bumps and scratches in the corners of your iPhone but there is another part of protection that you need to acquire. The iPhone touch screen device is an important part to protect, so it is important that you also get a screen protector. The scree protector will prevent scratches, cracks and flaws that will affect your screen. The case may protect the outer surface but even without dropping your phone, without a screen protector you will have scratches and burrs on your screen after awhile.

To sum it all up, to make sure that your iPhone will remain looking like brand new, and work like brand new, you have to be willing to spend more on it. There are many iphone cases that you can choose from, but remember that, you get what you pay for. You can get a case that is really cheap and those that are outrageously expensive. It is best to canvas for one that provides enough protection, made with high quality materials at the same time worth the price.

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