How to Boost iPhone 3g signal

Many users have recently reported that they receive poor signal with the iPhone 3g. For voice and data connections, the mobile frequently switches between its 3g and 2g networks. This should automatically switch to its 2g signal, when the 3g signal is extremely poor. This case is not always working and hence many people have reported that, it stays in its 3g network without such a switch happening when it is needed. This has resulted in people looking for ways on how to boost iPhone 3g signal. These ways are simple and easy to follow and you need not be a technical expert to do it.

Resetting iPhone is the first and foremost step of how to boost iPhone 3g signal. This will help in getting better signal. Another method that could be followed is resetting the network settings of the mobile. You can try resetting the SIM card or replacing the SIM Card, when you feel that the phone is not performing well and you are receiving a poor signal. Attaching tape to your SIM card is another simple to follow step that could be taken to have a better performance in terms of signal for the iPhone 3g mobile.

Restoring the iPhone is always considered a superior way when you consider to boost iPhone 3g signal. You can try recharging your battery to have full charge as well. Attaching the phone with a USB cable or docking are other recommended ways to enjoy a better signal with iPhone 3g. Most of the above said ways are considered traditional methods of improving the signal quality. Hence most of these methods are less costly and could be implemented at any location regardless of your circumstances. Hence these are widely accepted as the best methods as well.

iPhone 3G Signal Strength

Another most common solution chosen by people who are looking for tips on boosting iPhone 3g signal is exchanging the iPhone with a new unit. This is because, you could come to the conclusion that all other situations are favorable and then, it is your mobile phone that is not performing. This poor performance mobile could be exchanged with a new one which could be the only solution. You can otherwise, try to buy a third party boosters which are wireless modes and this might cost you a little. These signal boosters will show a speedy response to your need and will hence help you in emergency situations.

The switching problem of iPhone could be due to some technical issues. This could be the same case as we notice in some other mobile phones. If you find that none of the tips on boosting iPhone 3g signal is working, you can seek technical help from Apple. This could be a last resort, but is helpful if you are facing the problem quite often. They are trying to find out ways in which this problem could be resolved forever. The increased number of complaints is expected to make them think about this problem and take actions. iPhone users are now under this expectation.

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