Crazy Snowboard for iPod Touch

Crazy Snowboard isn’t a free app for the iPod Touch, but it does only cost $0.99 and it is a really cool app. The app works like many other snowboard games. You’re given a list of missions to complete and each mission will include gathering coins, doing tricks, finishing in a certain time, and other challenges and obstacles. For every mission you complete, you’ll advance and collect coins. Plus, you’ll also get chances to unlock cool stuff like new boards and new riders.

The app will let you do cool trick like grinding, smashing obstacles, and controls that according to the developer, make you feel as if you’re really snowboarding. But let’s face it, when you’re in your warm living room snowboarding with your touchscreen, it’s not really like being out on the slopes. But you will get all that awesome stuff while you advance through the levels, completing all 30 missions – that’s a lot! And there are also 4 different freestyle modes, for when you just want to hop on your board and go.

This app is awesome and does come loaded with tons of super cool features. It’s even designed for Retina display, so you’ll see it even more clearly on the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4. Still, the graphics are not great in this game, and there are definitely other, free snowboard games that have better graphics. But this game has so many other great features that even with the bad graphics, it’s still worth the download. You can get it – for less than $1 – from iTunes here.

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