Free iPod Touch Apps for Social Networking: Twitter

Twitter is one of the biggest social networking websites in the world at the moment and it is quickly closing in on Facebook. One of the great things about the Twitter website is that people can quickly update their status in just a few words. There are a variety of Twitter applications for the iPod Touch and the iPhone but some of them are free and some are paid. One of the best ones that you can download if you are looking to use Twitter on the device however is the official twitter app.

The official Twitter app is available free of charge from the iTunes app store and it has all the functionality that you could need in order to use the Twitter website on your iPod Touch. The layout of the app is very nice and it is easy to navigate and it has been designed to look like the official Twitter site. The great thing about the app is that you are able to upload photos and videos directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch and it will automatically shorten the links for you as well.

The app makes it possible to send tweets as well as private messages all with the nice iPod Touch or iPhone on screen keyboard. It is also possible to easily search for people on the website and much more. We highly recommend the Twitter app for those Twitter addicts out there that want a free iPod Touch Twitter app.

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