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Even if you’re not into analyzing your dreams, everyone gets curious every now and then as to what the heck that dream last night could have meant. And, even if you don’t so much care about your dreams, the very effort the developers put into this app makes it worth a peek. The app is the Dream Interpretation app and it will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about your dreams – and maybe even more!

The dream works very simply. It lists thousands of symbols, letters, and numbers. You pick out the ones that you remember from your dream, and read the meaning beside that symbol. Piece all the different symbols and their different meanings together and you can pretty much figure out what that dream was trying to say. The app has been recently updated to provide even more symbols to choose from, and even more meanings for you to figure out.

Of course, the developers make very sure to say that this is no way a 100% conclusive way for you to analyze your dreams. But really, can any book of dream meanings or other publication say that they are 100% conclusive? Plus, the app is really just about having fun while you try to decode your dreams!

One of the best things about this app is how interested the developers are from hearing from you! They are always working to improve the app by adding even more symbols and meanings. And, if there’s something from your dream that you don’t see a symbol for, leave a comment. The developers will make sure that the symbol and it’s meaning is up in three days! What other app will do that for you?

Unfortunately, this app won’t tell you the meaning of your dreams. But, it is only $0.99, and that’s almost just as good. You can buy it from iTunes here.

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