how to make android battery lasting and durable

How to make android battery lasting and durable so many who need as most of the users are now more smartphones using Android . This method is very simple and it is beyond our thinking , so that will make my friend will be amazed with the results that my friend felt. I really like the way different but the outcome is very satisfactory . And in this way we can exploit maximum usability and battery life can last more than usual . !

To save time , what if we go directly to the HP Battery Tips on How to Make Android Sustainable Durable and let my friend practice not boring and can directly listen to what the steps are and what to do . Without having to kink again let’s get back to the subject matter . As for how to put it into practice is as follows :
how to make android battery lasting and durable
how to make android battery lasting and durable
1 . Charge Battery In Case HP Dead , This method is very easy was difficult because we had to keep it so that if the battery is full, we can simply unplug the charger . Just to call , Unplug the charger if the battery is full , do not leave too long because the battery will be overburdened and will exceed the limit of the actual battery which will make the batteries swell or even drop . The function of this method is going to make a battery with a focus without having to outlay income . So it will not heat the battery , and one of them will make the battery last longer .

2 . Do not Use HP If it was Charger , This method is considered quite powerful because the battery is not going to make hot and income and expenditure can be normal , in fact many of Android users who think little of it , because the battery is indeed wasteful and Android users really need with use , so the user still use their Android , though still in a state in the charger without having to think even longer .

3 . Reducing the Android work , it is very unfortunate if we do not maximize the work of android , but to use more in the long run , it would not hurt if we reduce the workload of the android with : Uninstalling Unused Applications , Removes files that are not importantly, the Contras reduce screen and reduce the time browsing the Internet or turn off cellular data . This method is also considered to be very powerful to save battery , as if working on android feels light , then the less the use of batteries .

4 . Putting Batteries in the Freezer , this is a very extreme way , but I do not recommend doing it this way , but if it is considered very weak battery ‘s okay do not be this way . How to wrap tightly with plastic battery in case of water or moisture from the freezer can not get into the battery . I recommend several layers so that we can be sure the battery will not take in water . How this can be done within a battery put my suggestion for 6 Hours . After that, remove it and wait until the temperature of the battery is back to normal and try again until a full charge .

I used both ends meet up here … ! Maybe my friend was not satisfied with what I have shared about the HP Battery Tips on How to Make Sustainable Durable Android this ? there is no harm if my friend also read another article about android you have available . Thank you for visiting and enjoy .. !
How to make android battery lasting and durable
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