How To Download Torrents On Your iPod Touch

Whether you spend a good part of your computing time downloading torrents or just like to enjoy the occasional file you can’t get anywhere else, you’re gonna love to know that you can now engage in it right on your jailbroken iPod Touch.

What You Need

Apart from having your unit jailbroken, you’ll need to get the Cydia Installer on your iPod Touch. Cydia is basically an alternative to the on your handset. We’ll probably do a more thorough feature on both installing and using Cydia if enough people need a primer on it.

Once you have Cydia in place, you’ll need to use it to download dTunes (which brings the Safari download plug-ins along with it) and Mobile Terminal.


1. Download files from Piratebay

Use Safari to surf and download (yes, you can download now if the plug-ins installed correctly) the torrent files you want.

2. Run dTunes

Once downloading via Safari is done, open dTunes and click on the torrent file to get it running.

3. Start Downloading

Open Mobile Terminal and type command “./gettorrent”, minus the quotes to start the download. Speed is normally pretty good, depending of course, on your internet connection and the number of seeds.

4. Retrieve The Downloads

Once finished, the downloaded files will be in the root/var/mobile/Library/Downloads directory of your iPod Touch. You can do with them as you want.

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  1. I tried it recently and my iPod keeps telling me Tht it could not create a destination folder. It didn’t give Any option to create one and it won’t even download the torrent name. I have all the programs above and idk how to make this work any help?

  2. fas, note that your Internet connection will be slower when using BitTorrent, as most of your bandwidth is now taken, so it’s generally best to leave these things on overnight.

  3. Alright, so I tried downloading a torrent mp3 file via and it worked fine. i went into the “browse” catagory and selected it and prepared it. I opened up mobile terminal and entered “./gettorrent”. It created all of the files and began the loading sequence and the numbers said [0-899-0] and it stayed their for the rest of the time. I can’t figure out what’s wrong, the torrent, the site, or dtunes. please help.
    message in terminal is “connect to tracker failed”operationntimed out”
    as clear from above messages it must be in the torrent.could u recommand which website for torrents shouild be used?

  4. cd into where the program resides.

    follow the prerequisites then follow these steps after you have prepared the torrent

    1) cd /var/mobile
    2) ./gettorrent

    goodluck fellas!

  5. i have a question about whether you can download songs from an ipod touch to a computer? does anyone know if this is possible? becuase i got a new hard drive and the tech never backed up my music so i have no music on my new computer. and i want to know if i can copy my music from my ipod to my new computer.

  6. Yep. Same. No such file or directory. But my dtunes also closes after I attempt the torrent preparation is that normal for it to do it by default?

  7. will this all work on an ipod touch on 4.0? im jail breaking it and know i can get apps but can i also get music?

  8. For me it will sit there for a bit and the it will start if it’s a song but if it’s a big file it won’t start. Part of me thinks that maybe if I leave it alone it will eventually start

  9. I had heard a rumor that the enhanced ctorrent or mobile terminal was broken on 3.1.2 and 3.1.3, I’m sure they’re the problem tho, I am on 3.1.3

  10. I’ve spent 5 hours trying to DL a few different files from dozens of different sites/trackers and only one seemed to work

    at some point we have to stop blaming piratebay and start blaming this app

    I have used mobile terminal for months with success but recently 99% of the DOZENS of sites and trackers are useless on this app

  11. Whenever i click the torrent to prepare it nothing happens! Ive looked everywhere for help and ive tried a couple of diferent things and none of em work! Theryre all named gamebox_toolbar.exe and i was pretty sure it was supposed to be a .torrent file. SOMEONE HELP ME!!

  12. Same as jared andy zah and igor plz help i just wannna get not afraid by eminem the video for free w/o my parents knowing any other thigs different from torrents also would be nice.

  13. Does it have to be pirate bay? Because sometimes pirate bay is not the best for what I’m looking for.

  14. Jared, i have the same problem and have searched the web everywhere and cant find the solution… :/

  15. Ok so what do I do after it downloads from mobile terminal? I see the file but when I click on it it says “movie format not supported”. Am I missing a step?

  16. Alright, so I tried downloading a torrent mp3 file via and it worked fine. i went into the “browse” catagory and selected it and prepared it. I opened up mobile terminal and entered “./gettorrent”. It created all of the files and began the loading sequence and the numbers said [0-899-0] and it stayed their for the rest of the time. I can’t figure out what’s wrong, the torrent, the site, or dtunes. please help.

  17. K so I dowloaded dtunes got mobile terminal then tried and dowload a torrent once i got one on the browse page I went to mobile terminal and typed ./gettorrent, nothing happened, is there supposed to be some kind of download button? because it doesnt just go automatically. PLEEEEEEAAAASSSSEEE HHHHHHEEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPPP

  18. To download on terminal do you have to be on mobile or root if so how do I change from one to the other. Also root/var/mobile/ library/downloads directory? Where can I find this folder or any folders for that matter, can I do all this without a pc? Just iPod?

  19. for all you guys having trouble downloading torents heres some advice step1 download torrent step2 go to dtunes and click on the torrent step3 now go to terminal and type ./gettorrent

    And its simple as that you should now be downloading your selected torrent

  20. i downloaded mobile terminal along with dtunes and then used as somebody suggesting the website for the search engine, i then download the movie i want from the search engine and as soon as i go onto mobile terminal, put in “./gettorrent” it says “-sh: fork: Resource temporarily unavaliable” what does this mean? does anybody know? i’ve tried endlessly all week trying a diffrent range of searching engines but nothing seems to work, does anybody know anything that will help?

  21. well I got the iphone 3g (firmware 3.1.2) jailbroken with blackra1n… I installed everything (dtunes, mobile terminal, even torrentula..) None of the torrents will download.. It always get stuck at connecting to tracker… I looked last night and I saw that other people with the iphone 3g on 3.1.2 have troubles, so any solutions to this?

    Edit myself… Lol while i was typing this i decide to try out using and well the torrent selection sucks, the torrents actually started to work on my phone.. So Ali thank you.. Any other torrent sites work?

  22. Get torrenT click
    in dtunes go to browse tap ur ipa file it will prepare it go to
    terminal type ./gettorrent it will dwnload once complete hit (Q) to stop

    once downloaded I can’t play my game I knows it’s in rar liabry mobiles where is that dnt tell me to ssh can u find it on my mobile

  23. Zaby:

    I guess you have to send the ‘Q’ in the command window..

    Witch firmwares are you guys using? I have 3.1.3 everything works fine.. but wont download,, 0 seeds are found.. the same torrent is working fine on my pc. i tried several torrents..

  24. Ive searched everywhere on the net but no one seems to have a solution…how to stop a running torrent once I put the get torrent command In it begin to download but if I want yo stop that how the he’ll do I…somebody please put me out if my mystery!

  25. after the download is complete, it shows me a bunch of numbers and says to “select a directory”. i press 2 and after that, it says to select a destination. i didn’t know what it meant, so i named it ‘games’. then, i went to dtunes and find a ‘games’ folder. i click on it but nothing happened.
    somebody HELP!

    could somebody write the entire process to me? i downloaded the torrent correctly. its just the mobile terminal process that confuses me.

  26. it’s not working for some people because and dtunes dont have the same trackers so it’ll say something like tracker failed, operation timed out etc etc..some alternatives are or just search on

  27. after i download in the terminal (it downloaded pretty quick) then when I go to dtunes to play it says “error reading album” is that the torrent I downloaded or I didnt download correctly? When it’s finished in the terminal will it cut off by itself or how do i know when it’s done? Because I think i might have interrupted it…


  28. all you gotta do is go to dark rain and download that and run its. its the easiest thing ever

  29. My mobile terminal isn’t downloading the torrent. It says connection failed, operation timed out. Whats going on?

  30. Pwn0nsight,

    The song will be in dTunes.
    You can SSH into your iPod/iPhone and find the dTunes directory (google it) and then copy the song to the iPod songs location.


  31. hey, it all worked for me, the terminal thing took some time to figure out but i’ve downloaded the file. But how do i play the song i downloaded in the iPod section of the iPhone?

  32. after the download is complete in the mobile terminal
    where do i go use the app
    where is the root/var/mobile/Library/Downloads directory?
    please help!

    everything else was great!

  33. Ya that same thing happened to me.I type ./gettorrent and we return and it says no such file or directory found. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeez HELP.

  34. after I download the torrent and prepare it in dtunes, I typed “./gettorrent” into the mobile terminal and hit return and it says: “-sh: ./gettorent: No such file or directory”. what do I do to make it download the torrent? I’m not very familiar with how to operate mobile terminal either so any resources u could provide would help! thanks!

  35. What is it supposed to do when you click on the torrent file? For me it doesn’t do anything.

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