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If you are looking for a list of jailbroken iPhone apps, then you have definitely come to the right place. Having a jailbroken iPhone unlocks a whole new world of possibilities for your IPhone and can add increased functionality and usability. You’d probably never realize how many extra applications you can download once you’ve unlocked your iPhone. To help you learn about a few of the best, here are 15 of my favorite jailbroken iPhone apps and the reasons why I like them. SkySMS is a must-have iPhone app because it allows you to break free from paid text-messaging and gives you free text-messaging capabilities.

• Twinkle and MobileTwitter are 2 fantastic Twitter apps for the iPhone that allow you to geo-locate and see Twitter timelines and direct messages.
• How could you live without NES emulator, which is able to bring old Nintendo games to life on your jailbroken iPhone. Nothing like playing Super Mario Brothers or Kung Fu on the go.
• Tetris is also a classic game that needs to go on the list of great jailbroken iPhone apps. This classic is not only fun, but highly addicting, so be warned!
• MxTube is a great tool for iPod Touch users, it lets you download YouTube videos and play them straight on the device.
• NemusSync allows you to integrate your Google Calendar with your iPhone without having to go through iTunes, which is handy for Google Calendar junkies like myself.
• IFastSwitch is handy for switching through WI-FI and 3G modes without having to go through all of the menus.
• Wiki2Touch is the perfect way to access Wikipedia anywhere on the go.
• smartRSS is one of the most useful jailbroken iPhone apps if you use RSS feeds, because it functions as an RSS feed aggregator on your iPhone.
• iPhone books is a great iPhone app for reading eBooks on your iPhone.
• As far as jailbroken iPhone utility apps go, BossPrefs is by far the most widely used because it gives you access to menus that are typically invisible on your iPhone. This jailbroken iPhone app can allow you to change just about any function you want via application menus.
• If you’ve ever been without a flashlight in a time of crisis, then the Flashlight application will turn your iPhone into a handy flashlight by turning the screen a bright white color.
• Sketches is an awesome app that allows you to turn your iPhone into a sketch pad for those moments of boredom when you don’t feel like playing a game or listening to music.
• If you are looking for jailbroken iPhone apps that can bring Flickr functionality to your iPhone, then iFlickr is the way to go.
• Last but not least, Mobile Scrobbler adds increased Last.fm functionality for all of you music junkies.
There are so many more jailbroken iPhone apps that I didn’t have time to mention, but these are some of the best. First, if you haven’t jailbroken your iPhone, then you need to make sure you do that before downloading any apps, but once you’ve done that, then say hello to an all new iPhone.

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  1. how can i download those jailbroken applications free?? i already have spirit jailbreak

  2. Actually their is a flash safari plugin but you do need a jailbroken iphone

    This app is called imobilecinema

    What you need to do is go to
    Cydia > Manage > Sources > Edit
    Then add the source http://d.imobilecinema.com

    then after that source is added go to search and search “iMobileCinema”

    and now you can go to any site that uses flash and play video and games (even though i’ve never tested playing games don’t hold it against me if you can’t play games)

    also videos do open the same way the youtube app open videos in a fullscreen video

    Please Do Not hold it against me if their are any compatibility problems using this in any shape or form

  3. you can not download flash as safari won’t allow you and cydia and others do not own the rights to host it as an app, and it would take years of work

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