Free Music Download Lite for iPod Touch

Everyone’s looking for free music these days so when an app like Free Music Download Lite comes along, we tend to get excited. This app promises to bring you over 300,000 tracks from different websites such as,,, and even audiobook sites like Librivox. And even though we know we’re getting the Lite version so we’ll have to deal with things like the fact that you can only save ten tracks at one time, we’re still pretty excited about getting a free music app. But the excitement ends there. Once you open the app, you’ll see that while it may be free, it’s also a case of getting what you pay for.

Of the 300,000 songs that the app offers from different websites, there were none that were familiar by song title or by artist. The app was also pretty slow and seemed to have some problems with crashing as well. The app seems very disjointed and unorganized somehow, much like the description in iTunes, which won’t actually tell you anything about the app, making you actually download it if you want to try and get your hands on some free music.

But we don’t actually suggest that you do. Although we always like to give apps the benefit of the doubt and think that they’ve got to appeal to someone for something, that’s just not the case with this app. But because we do always want to make it easier for you, we’ll still give you the link to the download in iTunes if you really really need some free tunes, and you don’t really care what they’re called or who sings them.

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