How To Add Wallpapers To iPhone and iPod

Wallpaper is a picture or design displayed at the screen. Now, imagine your iPod or iPhone not having this. No matter how sophisticated or elegant the way it may look, it will still look uninteresting and dull if it has no ipod touch wallpaper at all. Just remember that pictures, colors and images give life to everything in this world especially in iPods and iPhones.

First, you must right click on your preferred ipod touch and iPhone wallpaper to be saved in your hard drive. If you’re using Mac, you can add the image to iPhoto library or save it to a folder. If you’re using a personal computer you can save the chosen wallpaper to the folder titled “My Pictures“. After that, you can already synchronize the the iPod or iPhone containing pictures in the iPhoto’08 on a Photoshop Album 2.0, Mac or later on a personal computer. Second, hook up the iPod or iPhone to the PC. Then, open iTunes then click the tab on Photos and choose “Synchronize photos from“. If you’re a Mac user, select Pictures folder or iPhoto but if you’re using a personal computer, select Photoshop Elements, Photoshop Album or the folder titled “My pictures”. Next, select any folder on the PC containing images. Then, select “all photos” or “selected albums” or ‘selected folders” and select the albums or folders that you prefer to synchronize. Now, by clicking on the Photos icon and browsing through the camera roll or albums, you’ll find the perfect picture you desire to use. After that, by selecting the picture it will be fully displayed on screen and by clicking the icon in the screen’s lower left corner you can already select and set it as your wallpaper.

See? Having the perfect iPhone and iPod Touch wallpaper is just that easy. Now your iPhone won’t look as dull.

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