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With the slew of new users on the iPhone and iPod touch since the release of the iPhone 3GS, most users are no longer the hardcore Apple fans that were on the Apple iPhone bandwagon for the release of the 2G phone. A lot of the users use their iPhone as a basic phone using all the downloaded apps and the built in iPhone for their music fixes.

However, many of my friends and people I know do not know really what the Podcast tab on the iPhone and iPod Touch app is for. Wikipedia describes “podcast is a series of digital media files (either audio or video) that are released episodically and downloaded through web syndication.” [Wikipedia]

Essentially what that means is that podcasts are internet based radio or tv shows usually based on niche topics. Podcasts are very big among the tech crowd already, so many of the most popular shows are tech related, here are my 3 favorite right now.

AppSlappy: Scott Johnson and his cohost talk about Apple iPhone/iPod Apps for an hour straight! This great show discusses new games and apps on a weekly basis, with ratings and explanations of gameplay and usefulness of applications.

this Week in Tech: Leo Laporte, the king of the podcasting network Twit, leads a weekly discussion with some of the biggest names in tech, with rotating cohosts and mainstays like John C. Dvorak. A great show that is shot live on Sundays and available soon afterwards as a download.

Buzz Out Loud: One of the mainstays for podcasting, with over 1000 episodes, Buzz Out Loud is a daily show that is also shot live and available on Cnet TV at 1pm Eastern time. Tom Merritt holds down the show with rotating Cnet guests on a regular weekly rotation. The show is funny and a great way to stay up to date on all tech news happenings on a daily basis.

Loading these shows up is easy, simply download them through your iTunes Store on your Mac or PC and sync your iPod Touch or iPhone (make sure you click the Podcast tab when your iPhone is connect and click “sync podcasts”). Or you can simply download Podcasts through the built in iTunes store app on the iPhone.

Go out and enjoy your new podcasts on the go!

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