How to Enable the Android Touch Tone

How to Enable the Android Touch Tone Still curious android operate it with another step? OK let’s discuss further. Previously we‘ve posted about a few things regarding tips tricks android is much needed by all users. And now, in order to complete the tutorial on the android. Then we will share about how to turn off the touch tone android. It is very annoying when we suppose there are sleeping and our friends who are texting or messing about with our android. Because at every touch screen, a beep sound will be very disturbing. Oddly enough if it sounds that emerged at the time and place that is not right. Would like to make calls or typing a number. Still I heard a voice that is not important. In addition to making the battery more extravagant, also slow down the performance of android.
How to Enable the Android Touch Tone
How to Enable the Android Touch Tone
Indeed, in some people it can help the voice, the voice sounded mean when we have a touch screen. Beep sound can sometimes be refreshing, but to try typing the text, the sound is arguably not very intrusive. Depending on yourself or on the run does the android.

Very different if you prefer quietness and stillness, then to get it you would not want to have to get rid of the sound. For those of you that as android users, it is not hard to do is go to Settings and disable.

Our post this time will give you as a guide for android users to turn off the sound – the noise and about how the steps – steps. And the steps we take are almost the same in every version, so you do not need to be confused with the current version of your android. Want to know more? The following tips have been summarized so easily digestible and understandable …! Happy listening!

How Deadly Touch Tone Android :
  • For the first step, of course your android in a flame or active state. By selecting the menu button, then a lot of icons are displayed, but you must be on a course that is the setting or settings. By clicking the settings, then you will be entered into the system settings where you can change the settings in it as you want. There are other ways to display the settings menu without having to do the above steps by pressing the start or home screen option. Then after that will come a list and you can simply select the settings to go into the settings.
  • After you enter the settings, find your sound settings or sound, by pressing the sound settings you will be given a choice as follows: Mode Silent, Vibrate, Volume, Phone Ringtone, Notification Ringtones, The Touch Tone can be heard, the choice can be be heard, and the sound of the screen lock.
  • You live to throw a check on the touch tones that can be heard. Usually these options are number two or three on the bottom, so to speed up, just slide just look at the bottom.
You can also check the tone that does not throw you want, and try to one hundred percent use android without a sound is heard. How have understood what we share? Must have understood!
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