myAT&T App for the iPhone

If you use an iPhone, then AT&T is your lifeline for anything you want to do that requires more than just a Wifi connection. And as such, you’re going to need to regularly check your account, contact AT&T, or just find out answers to some of your most burning smartphone-related questions. And that’s why the myAT&T app for the iPhone was developed. So that you can always keep on top of your AT&T account and make sure that when you need it, your iPhone is there.

With the app you’ll be able to look at and pay your wireless and U-verse bill; will be able to see how much U-verse TV and voice usage you’ve accumulated; add or remove features on your account; add or remove numbers from your contacts with A-List Management; sign up for wireless paperless billing; sign up for Wireless Auto Play; and check out the FAQ section to get straight to the answer of some of the most commonly asked questions – and the chances are that your question is probably among them!

However, even though this app seems to promise that it will bring you everything you want regarding your AT&T account, there have been some complaints about the app – some of them with regards to the logistics of the app, and others pertaining to the actual app itself. These latter complaints usually mention the fact that the app seems to focus mostly on U-Verse features when not everyone uses U-verse; and that Internet bill payments aren’t available. Others say that the app is simply too slow, and that it crashes often. If you do use U-Verse and you want to give this app a shot, you can download it from iTunes here.

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