Happy Star Rewards for the iPod Touch

If you love Carl’s Jr. or Hardee’s Jr. chains, then you might want to think about downloading the Happy Star Rewards app for the iPod Touch. With this app you can enter either of the chains at any time and have the app redeemed. Once it’s redeemed, you may be eligible to spin The Wheel of Awesome. And what will that give you? Any number of things including free food (always nice!) or Blu-Ray players and a whole bunch of other stuff – all of it truly awesome.

You don’t get to spin the wheel every visit though. You’ll get to spin it the first time you go (after downloading the app) and after that, every fourth visit. That doesn’t mean that you have to gain a lot of extra pounds though just to try and win some free stuff. The app also says that there is no purchase necessary. You do though have to be a resident within the United States and be at least 18 years old.

But legal-speak aside, the app is full of great features. It will use the GPS in your device to locate the restaurants that are closest to you and help you find them quickly. And it also lets you see what’s on the menu, check out videos about the restaurants and their food, and get tons of little extras too.

If you’re serious about fast food, and you think it’s high time that you start getting something back for all those burgers you buy, download the Happy Star Rewards app from iTunes here.

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