Best iPad apps for children with autism

Best iPad apps for children with autism. If you have got an iPad and a child with autism then this is an absolute must read post for you. There are a bunch of iPad apps that are excellent for folks of children with autism including apps with social stories, language based programs and even augmentative and alternative communication ( AAC ) apps.

In the list below you’ll see the name of the ipad app for Children with autism, the kind of app it is and the price at the time of publication of this piece of writing.

+ MyTalkTools Mobile Lite

mytalktools ipad app for autism children
+ Alexicom AAC

alexicom aac app for ipad
+ Model me Going Places 2

model me going places 2 ipad app

Tell me if you have another suggestion of must have ipad apps for Children with Autism problem.

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  1. Software company SpecialNeedsWare has developed an iPad app that allows children with autism to work on their communication skills using the Apple tablet.Launched in February, the app AutisMate provides a customized library of images, sounds, signs and symbols to ease behavioral processing for autistic kids. Video modeling aids children in developing social, communication, functional and behavioral skills.”It’s an iPad app that really allows those with autism to connect with the world around them through giving them a means of communication and learning new life skills,” Jonathan Izak, founder and CEO of SpecialNeedsWare, told eWEEK. “The app allows you in intuitive ways to use visuals from users’ own environments to communicate and learn these various skills.”Children with autism have difficulty with oral communication, and the app allows them to communicate their needs in a particular environment.

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