iPhone and iPod Touch Personal Safety Tips

Here are some iPod Touch Personal Safety Tips ideas to safeguard yourself and your iPod or any small hand held gadget/phone.

1) Many peoples wear their iPods and iPhones in their belts which is not a best safety practice.
2) Avoid using white color headphones which seems to be very attractive for the thieves to steal it.
3) Avoid carrying you iPod touch and iPhones to schools and crowded areas as thieves are in great number in such places.
4) Try to buy a mini armband which can hold the iPod touch and a tag that can be wore around the neck to hold the iPhone so that it will free your hands and help you secure the iPod/iPhone to your body instead of displaying it with a clip or belt.
5) Have a note of the serial number of the iPhone / iPod touch.
6) Use caution when walking, running or biking. Loud music can drown out the sounds of approaching car, warning from an emergency vehicle or a suspicious person.
7) Wear your iPod touch / iPhone inside your clothing so that it cannot be easily snatched by a thief.
8) Do not leave your ipod touch unattended in you desk at work.
9) Do not leave your iPhone/iPod touch in you car. Lock them in the trunk.
10) Do not wear headsets and talk/listen to song while driving. It deviates the attention.

Share your ipod touch safety tips by dropping your comment in the comment box below.

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