Bing for the iPod Touch

The browser, Bing, has really been making a name for itself recently and with things such as their Bing app for the iPod Touch, it’s not hard to see why. When you want to put a new browser on your iPod Touch, but you want something much more than just a browser, than this app might be just what you’ve been looking for.

The Bing app is mostly known as being a search browser that is best used when you’re trying to get somewhere and need to know how to get there; it can also be used when you just need some suggestions on where you can go too. Other than things like local businesses, you can also search for things like images, and weather too. But Bing does much more than just give you ideas on where to go, along with directions on how to get there. It also gives you these answers in a totally unique way. Browse through photos, or just say an address, and the app will find it for you.

And that little bit extra that you’re looking for? Along with addresses, weather, and pictures, you can also search through movies, find out what’s playing, and even watch trailers and read reviews. Then of course, get walking or driving directions on how to get there. And when you’re in the mood to shop? Don’t only find all of the nearest shopping districts and get there easily, but you can also scan bar codes (if you’re using the app with an iPhone), and find it at the closest retail outlet near you.

The Bing app for the iPod Touch really is your all-in-one app. It can be used for navigation, shopping, entertainment, lifestyle, and so much more! Best of all, the app comes free from iTunes and can be downloaded here.

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