Watching Movies to your iPod Touch

Do you know How to watch movies to your iPod Touch?

Among all media players sold in the market today, the iPod Touch is considered one of the best. This device was first launched in September 2007 and since then has recorded a huge volume of sales in different countries around the world. With the iPod touch, you can do many things – listening to your favorite music to watch music videos and not only that, you can also watch movies of your choice with this high-tech gadget

Described as the iPhone without the phone, the iPod Touch is based on the Wi-Fi mobile platform, and is involved in the Safari browser from Apple. Although similar in many ways, the iPhone multi-touch of a graphical user interface and elegant design, it lacks many features that can be found on the iPhone.


The new iPod is a flash based device that you bought, but can also be a memory of 8 GB or 16 internally. Downloading a movie is not a problem because there are many download sites, free and paid for them. You can choose the millions of movies available online and only a few minutes, you can already see a movie. Most sites are designed for the iPhone, but media files are compatible with your iPod.

If you are trying to figure out how to watch movies on an iPod Touch, you will find that! It is a very simple process that takes only a few applications. Based on the platform for mobile Wi-Fi, the iPod has become a rare commodity of Apple for over a year. Show some similarities with the iPhone, the iPod Touch is actually a portable media player that allows users to watch movies, but these files must be converted files on your iPod Touch. Fortunately, many of these conversion programs are available online and are completely free.


First, download iPod Video Converter for free and the latest version of iTunes. These items can be found at Apples official website. You will need a video converter to convert files from iPod before using iTunes to transfer these files on your iPod Touch.

Second, open the movie file to convert. After, downloading the free video converter for iPod, this selects and opens the video file to be converted using the File Menu option. No matter if these files are a DVD or hard drive of your computer. If it is a DVD to be converted, you must first select the file with a large size to begin the conversion process.

Third, Transfer the video files from computer to your iPod Touch. Now that you know and converted the video file you want, it’s time to switch to an iPod Touch. Run iTunes with your iPod connected by cable.  Click on the icon at the bottom left of iTunes. Then IPod will prompt a warning before you unplug the cable. Select the movies tab, select the file you want to sync, click Apply, and then wait for the video to transfer into your iPod Touch.

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